First Blog

So today I decided to start a blog.  I read up on it, it seems like people make a business out of it by promoting their products.  I just want to use it as a sort of journal.  I doubt people will read what I write about.  So maybe if I get to the point where I can’t remember, the stories and projects will be something I can read for entertainment.

Today started out rainy.  My tennis lesson was cancelled which was a big bummer because I really look forward to the exercise.  My daughter talked about going to a farmers market to get some fresh meat and vegetables.  We had to make a 45 minute trip there and back, shop, eat breakfast and be back in time for her to go to work.  And it was pouring rain!  We arrived at the small town and the major road is blocked off for a parade.  As luck would have it, we followed some other cars and ended up going through a maze of neighborhood streets for a few miles and ended up exactly at the market.  Our trip was meant to be.


My daughter has been very interested in organic vegetables and responsibly raised and treated animals.  I am intrigued by this.  I think she has a point.  I do believe that we have too many chemicals allowed in our food that is wreaking havoc on our bodies.  I also understand that to mass produce in order to feed the population it is necessary.  It’s good to have food for the many and I think it comes at a health cost.

I was really surprised to find out that the Vietnamese lady who does my nails also buys fresh meats and produce from a local farm that is sold in a Vietnamese store locally.  She rarely goes out to eat at restaurants and eats vegetables, fresh meat and rice.  I admire the fact that many Vietnamese people that I see look to be a healthy weight.  She is such a nice lady and always asks about my daughter.  She has small children of her own.

Next, we went to breakfast at a really cool Bake Shoppe.  It was owned by a really nice man and his family that made the absolute best chicken salad sandwiches and Mexican potato soup.  On weekends that had really good breakfasts.  It is now owned by a new family and they have made some major decorating changes.  The original owner would say “one for foo foo” meaning that a customer was headed towards the foo foo room.  Well, now with the new owners the foo foo room has been notched up.  BIG TIME!


The rest of my day was spent preparing for Thanksgiving.  I am really excited that we are going to have a small intimate gathering.  I set the table even though we are days away from the big day.  This year is a first in that we are buying a fresh turkey from a farmers market.  Another 45 minute drive to the actual farm.  I am really excited about this.  I wrote out the menu and set the table. The tentative menu is:

Gram’s Gravy
Gram’s Stuffing
Mashed Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes Savy Style
Cranberry Sauce
Green Beans
Pumpkin and Pecan Pie



Today in the stores there is Christmas music and Christmas food.  I enjoy Christmas.  I just wish that we could savor Thanksgiving more instead of rushing through it.  The rush for commercial Christmas is what bothers me most.  To me it takes the meaning out of Christmas and cheapens it.  Makes me sad.  I really do love Thanksgiving.  Even though it’s an eat fest.  It’s also a time to be with family or to volunteer time for others.  It’s a time to be grateful and to give thanks which is really important in life!

First Blog

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