Thanksgiving part 1

So it’s after Thanksgiving and I’m late with my blog because I was so busy. This year we went to a farm to pick up our turkey.  It is way more expensive to do this but my daughter is into no hormones added to food and organic foods as well as free-range responsibly raised animals.  So we went about 45 minutes out of town to pick up our turkey tom (which by the way is just a male turkey). Here is a pic of turkey Tom’s stomping grounds…




The turkey was sixteen pounds.  And I asked the farmer how he gets his turkeys to raise?  He told me that he orders them as hatch lings, so they are a day old when he gets them.  He orders them through the mail and they deliver them to the post office.  He has to go and pick them up from the post office.  The hatch lings have never eaten anything so he starts from there.  He feeds them an organic feed and they eat whatever else they can find in the ground.  He gets them in the late spring – early summer and raises them through the week of Thanksgiving.  So about 7 months.

I noticed there might be some people from other countries that just might come across my blog.  So a little bit about Thanksgiving in the United States as we celebrate it.  I’ve always been told that it was a meal celebrated between the pilgrims that came over from Europe to settle in America and the Indians that taught the pilgrims how to farm here. That’s what I was taught in school  I even remember making moccasins at school (to represent native Indian foot wear) and hats with cut out feathers.  I don’t remember much about the pilgrim stuff we made.  If you look on wikipedia now it doesn’t even mention Indians in Thanksgiving.  I’m kind of shocked about that.  My father in law has warned me that history is being re-written and taught in schools.  That sucks.

Really though, the holiday now is more about celebrating family, friends and what we are thankful for.  It occurs in the fall when we have cooler weather which for us is when we harvest things like pumpkin, squash, etc.  It’s always the fourth Thursday in November.  So the meal usually consists of traditional recipes in the family for that meal.  And in my family any deviation is frowned upon LOL!  It is a true eat fest with too much food and days and days of leftovers!

Thanksgiving part 1

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