New Years Eve in Texas

It’s that time.  The last day of the year!  In suburbia it’s a cool 50 degrees and over cast. We usually stay in for New Year’s.  My neighbors usually have the most elaborate party.  We haven’t been in several years…it is quite spectacular!  A lot of people drink heavily here.  I went to the store to pick up something nice for New Years and holy cow!  The line was long!  Lot’s of drinkers here.  Which is not so good for the people that have issues with it.  And I am intimately familiar with it.  I do enjoy a glass or two and am thankful that is all I really want.

It is really popular to shoot fireworks here. The show is really quite spectacular.  You don’t really need to go anywhere to see it.  So why bother?  I really don’t want to be on the road with all of the crazy drinkers anyway.  And I really like my house.  So it’s a cozy nice place to be and I am perfectly content to be here.


I put on a pot of chili and we usually watch the ball drop in New York (this has been a tradition of mine since I lived in Florida).  I will probably watch a movie tonight with the fireplace on.  The boys are watching football. There are many Texan traditions that I don’t subscribe to.  One is black-eyed peas and cabbage.  I don’t get it.  Maybe a true Texan will show me.  They always put these items in a prominent display in the grocery store.  I don’t eat black-eyed peas … ever.  And I like cabbage…just not making it tonight.

I have made a lot of progress in the past few years.  So I have some New Year’s resolutions.  I’ve overcome some tremendous issues and have really grown from experience.  I welcome the new year with it’s challenges.  I know that you just don’t skate by in life.  There will be good and there will be bad.  And usually the bad is some kind of lesson that if you really pay attention will benefit you. I will stay close to God for that direction.  And that is my new year commitment.   That and a continuation of what I have learned being a better parent by recognizing what is my responsibility and what is my children’s.  I will own what I own nothing more.  That takes work!  I will continue a regiment of fitness and eating well.  And I will strive to do the best I can with work, realizing this might be my last year with this job that has been such a blessing for me to be able to stay home with the kids.

New Years Eve in Texas

Christmas with family continued

Wrapping it up with the relatives, today started out busy!  I got up and worked on a project for my dad.  I absolutely love to paint so he had a small paint project for me.  On the agenda today, beach with the kids and some quick fixes from Christmas gifting.  Today was an absolutely gorgeous day for the beach. It is 80 degrees and 79 in the water!  We ate at JBs on the water then spent some time on the beach.  It was really crowded.


Delray beach is my favorite.  There are restaurants, shops, pavilions, volley ball, a fishing pier and plenty of parking. There were many surfers and kite surfers and the water was a little rough.  One thing about south Florida is that the water is crystal clear.


There was enough time in the day to come back and finish the painting.   The houses in Florida  are pretty much all concrete and they need to be painted every so often.  I love the Spanish style with the tile roofs.  And I have grown to love one stories!


Soon it will be back to Texas and it will be cold.  New years eve will be here  before you know it!

Christmas with family continued


Merry Christmas!  I am happy to be with family this year in Florida.  We were asked to put up the tree and help wrap gifts when we got here.  We needed to finish Christmas shopping as well and wrap gifts.  It has taken me a while to figure out how not to stress over this, but I think I have it down.  The secret…less is more.  Christmas is a time that shouldn’t be stressful.


Even though we don’t go to church, that doesn’t mean I am not spiritual.  I include God in my life everyday.  I do wish I made more time to celebrate Jesus specifically on this day.  I feel my relationship is extremely personal.  I also feel very blessed.  And hope if anyone reads my blog that you are too!

On Christmas eve we went to sandi land.  There is a 600 ton lighted Christmas tree and sand sculptures.   There is no snow in south Florida…ever.  There is sand!  And they decorate cute!  It’s unique because you can definitely decorate with a coastal theme.  The weather outside is NOT frightful!  It’s absolutely beautiful.  We had a rare full moon.  We finished the evening watching the movie Elf.



We always open gifts on Christmas day.  So we get up, have some coffee and gather around the tree and open gifts.  It was very nice.  I then took the kids to get donuts.  We spent the day playing around with gifts then had our dinner early.  We had steak and ham.  (strange combo) with potatoes, green beans, salad and rolls.  Apple pie for dinner.  My dad made dinner and it was really good!  We sat around the table and played a charade game with the cell phone .  After cleanup we watched the basket ball game!


Holiday travel

It’s that time!  Traveling to visit family.  This year we are going to sunny Florida for Christmas.  There will be no white Christmas for us…course that is extremely rare in Texas.  So our travel plans as a family are different this year.  To go anywhere outside of Texas you really must fly.  If we drove to Florida it would take 22 hours straight.  And we don’t really have that kind of time.  So flying is the way to go.  Air travel is expensive for the entire family so we decided to get a free ticket with miles and the rest of us would go on a discount airline…Spirit air.  We were able to line up the two flights relatively close.  On the to flight we are 3 hours a part…however there is a mechanical delay and that distance will be closer.  Plus there is an offer on the table to take a later flight for a $300 voucher …that would be an awesome deal.  So the fam is making the most out of the airport wait.  We’ve already visited two restaurants and have coffee to sip while we wait for boarding.

So how did we pass the 4 hour wait ?  Well it wasn’t by standing in line at TSA..that was a breeze.  And food didn’t take that long, we did browse in some of the stores. The kids played around with finding dad and taking pics of him without him noticing…that was entertaining.  There is a lot of strange art displayed throughout the concourses.  We took a train from terminal a to e and saw some of the strange art.  There was even a man playing on a piano in a quiet part of the link between terminals.  Weird. It can be really busy in some areas and then very isolated in others.  In our concourse they are playing some really strange music.





So next stop Florida…

Holiday travel

Christmas Party Guest

Last night I went to a party hosted by one of my tennis friends.  There were about 30 women young and old that went to the party and it was a blend of her friends, family, neighbors and co-workers.  Guests were to bring a dish and a $30 gift for a gift exchange.

When I arrived I was in awe with the amount of Christmas decorations she had in her home.  It was truly spectacular. Everything was decorated Christmas.  There were amazing nativity displays.  And she had so many angels.  I mean in her living room she had all of the cubbies that house other things during the year decked out with all things Christmas.

So my friends kind of stuck together and we didn’t mingle too much.  We did enjoy ourselves.  I should mention that the hostess is Venezuelan.  And her aunt made the most amazing dish…bollos pelones.  OMG this is to die for.  They are a meat dumpling in a corn flourish dough.  I just googled the recipe and pinned it on Pinterest.  I know that there is no way I will be able to come close to this, but I might try for fun someday.  Side note… I’ve tried to make other culture recipes that were an absolute flop.  Like Brazilian Pao de Queijo :*(.

Back to the party, so we ate and had some eggnog martinis.  And do what women do best!  Then we gathered by the tree for the gift exchange.  I must say it took about an hour to go through the entire gift exchange game.  So here is how it goes, everyone draws a number from a bowl.  The person that gets number 1 goes first but can steal a gift if it hasn’t been frozen (stolen 2 times) at the end.  So I was number 9.  And my friend was number 1.  I stole a pair of Kendra Scott earrings, but that was quickly stolen from me and I ended up with cream.  The items that were popular were the earrings of course, two capes like red riding hood…(interesting), a really cute robe that looked kind of cheetahish but the spots kind of looked like hearts, a really pretty vase and a jewelry box.

So I gave a really nice bottle of French wine and some cheese and breadsticks.  I was the only one that gave that, so I hope it was ok.  I would have been happy with it!  I also had a tough time with what to bring for the side dish.  I ended up bringing a tortellini salad (BLT) so it was bacon, spinach, cherry tomatoes and cheese filled tortellini in a sour cream ranch dressing.  My family gave it the thumbs up so that is what I went with.

elvia xmas party

elvia xmas party2

All I can say is I’m happy that I was invited and I really love my friends.  ❤


Christmas Party Guest