Texas Food

If you live in Texas you’ve got to mention the food.  This morning my kids wanted to go out for breakfast.  They decided on the Harris County Smoke house which really does have some good food.  What is absolutely amazing to me is their portion size.  So the order taker asks what we would like, both of my kids wanted pigs in the blanket.  And he asks, “are you sure?”  My daughter was very concerned with why he asked.  She thought maybe it isn’t good.  Maybe they know something about how it’s prepared that is scary.  Well, I think this picture says more about the question…are you sure?

pigs in blanket

It’s the portion size!  They both could have split this.  The food is prepared fresh.  The restaurant is decorated cute.  All in a country Texas theme, wood floors, a huge fireplace.  Cute signs and metal art (some made out of Texas license plates).  A bar with horse saddles for chairs.  They have flat screen Tvs which currently play live football games and they play country music.  They smoke their meat in the back outside of the restaurant.  I think the food is on the expensive side, but for a plate like the one pictured above, two people could share and the price would come out ok. (So it’s like Ten dollars).


Cute right?  So I have a love hate relationship with food.  Why wouldn’t you want to go to a nice meal with your family and enjoy each other’s company in a nice comfortable surrounding and eat tasty food?  The problem is it’s too many calories for me.  I exercise like crazy, run, play tennis and I’m still sore from Pilates yesterday.  It’s really hard to keep weight off.  I am grateful that I could spend the time with my kids and enjoy it.  And I am really going to focus on keeping weight off.  If it doesn’t rain I will play tennis today.  That is a whole topic of it’s own that I will save for another time.  Oh and I still need to go Christmas shopping.  I absolutely dread going to a crowded store and waiting in lines and moving around in traffic.  So I am avoiding it.  Procrastinating.  This weeks topic was planned to be about the shopping…problem is I didn’t do any!


Texas Food

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