Texas hair

I would venture to say that any woman anywhere is particular about her hair!  So what is so special about “Texas hair”?   Well I’m sure most women will agree that when you find your stylist it is a pretty big thing.   You will follow her anywhere if she does your hair right.  Such is the case with me.   So here is what it’s like for me in Texas.  I am extremely fortunate.  My hair stylist is the absolute coolest!  She has her own shop and I drive 30 minutes through the country to it!  Even though I’m pretty close to one of the largest cities in the US.

Every month she has a theme in her shop and decorates it accordingly.  Christmas is her absolute favorite!  For as long as I have been going she counts down to Christmas…even the day after!  Some of my favorite themes are…Oscars, Kentucky Derby, Oktoberfest, weddings.  She is really into vintage stuff like Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe.  She is the absolute cutest (true Texan) with Italian roots who never ages.  She is really good with hair and is a dedicated stylist big on Aveda.   She loves wild animals, deer, fox, possums, and raccoons!  She taught me some tricks to looking younger…I discovered hair pepper and products that keep my long hair healthy!

Even though I don’t like to waste the day sitting in a salon, it’s enjoyable.  There is always a fresh supply of smut magazines to indulge during the beautification process.  And she is sure to remind me that the hair needs to go out after she’s finished.  Which means somebody needs to take me on a date!


ana xmas

She also has a visit from Santa ever year.  One year I actually made it on the day.  So cute!


I truly treasure the fact that I have such a great hair stylist.  She is always booked solid, so my commitment to my hair is 7 weeks in advance.  It doesn’t matter what is going on…I will make time for my hair. ❤

Texas hair

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