Holiday travel

It’s that time!  Traveling to visit family.  This year we are going to sunny Florida for Christmas.  There will be no white Christmas for us…course that is extremely rare in Texas.  So our travel plans as a family are different this year.  To go anywhere outside of Texas you really must fly.  If we drove to Florida it would take 22 hours straight.  And we don’t really have that kind of time.  So flying is the way to go.  Air travel is expensive for the entire family so we decided to get a free ticket with miles and the rest of us would go on a discount airline…Spirit air.  We were able to line up the two flights relatively close.  On the to flight we are 3 hours a part…however there is a mechanical delay and that distance will be closer.  Plus there is an offer on the table to take a later flight for a $300 voucher …that would be an awesome deal.  So the fam is making the most out of the airport wait.  We’ve already visited two restaurants and have coffee to sip while we wait for boarding.

So how did we pass the 4 hour wait ?  Well it wasn’t by standing in line at TSA..that was a breeze.  And food didn’t take that long, we did browse in some of the stores. The kids played around with finding dad and taking pics of him without him noticing…that was entertaining.  There is a lot of strange art displayed throughout the concourses.  We took a train from terminal a to e and saw some of the strange art.  There was even a man playing on a piano in a quiet part of the link between terminals.  Weird. It can be really busy in some areas and then very isolated in others.  In our concourse they are playing some really strange music.





So next stop Florida…

Holiday travel

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