Merry Christmas!  I am happy to be with family this year in Florida.  We were asked to put up the tree and help wrap gifts when we got here.  We needed to finish Christmas shopping as well and wrap gifts.  It has taken me a while to figure out how not to stress over this, but I think I have it down.  The secret…less is more.  Christmas is a time that shouldn’t be stressful.


Even though we don’t go to church, that doesn’t mean I am not spiritual.  I include God in my life everyday.  I do wish I made more time to celebrate Jesus specifically on this day.  I feel my relationship is extremely personal.  I also feel very blessed.  And hope if anyone reads my blog that you are too!

On Christmas eve we went to sandi land.  There is a 600 ton lighted Christmas tree and sand sculptures.   There is no snow in south Florida…ever.  There is sand!  And they decorate cute!  It’s unique because you can definitely decorate with a coastal theme.  The weather outside is NOT frightful!  It’s absolutely beautiful.  We had a rare full moon.  We finished the evening watching the movie Elf.



We always open gifts on Christmas day.  So we get up, have some coffee and gather around the tree and open gifts.  It was very nice.  I then took the kids to get donuts.  We spent the day playing around with gifts then had our dinner early.  We had steak and ham.  (strange combo) with potatoes, green beans, salad and rolls.  Apple pie for dinner.  My dad made dinner and it was really good!  We sat around the table and played a charade game with the cell phone .  After cleanup we watched the basket ball game!


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