Christmas with family continued

Wrapping it up with the relatives, today started out busy!  I got up and worked on a project for my dad.  I absolutely love to paint so he had a small paint project for me.  On the agenda today, beach with the kids and some quick fixes from Christmas gifting.  Today was an absolutely gorgeous day for the beach. It is 80 degrees and 79 in the water!  We ate at JBs on the water then spent some time on the beach.  It was really crowded.


Delray beach is my favorite.  There are restaurants, shops, pavilions, volley ball, a fishing pier and plenty of parking. There were many surfers and kite surfers and the water was a little rough.  One thing about south Florida is that the water is crystal clear.


There was enough time in the day to come back and finish the painting.   The houses in Florida  are pretty much all concrete and they need to be painted every so often.  I love the Spanish style with the tile roofs.  And I have grown to love one stories!


Soon it will be back to Texas and it will be cold.  New years eve will be here  before you know it!

Christmas with family continued

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