New Year

The new year in Texas has started out cold, overcast and wet (drizzly).  That is typical for this time of year.  You can still get out, I played quite a lot of tennis yesterday.  The rain eventually won out.

With the holidays officially over, this weekend was spent taking the Christmas decorations down and the weather inspired comfort food which means cooking in!  As a result from our trip, I had a request for empanadas and tres leches cake from my son.  Two things I have never tried to make.  And as a result of the empanadas, I made home made biscuits because I noticed the recipe on the bag.  I made a big mess in the kitchen and the food turned out great.


I didn’t get a picture of the biscuits, they were gone too fast.  I really do enjoy cooking when the mood strikes.  And Pinterest is the best place to go for recipes.


2016 seems a little daunting to me.  So it’s best to take it day by day.  I do like to look forward to things that will be fun.  My kids are pretty much grown.  With one in college and the other in high school, there is not much of the typical suburban mom thing for me which is running the kids here and there.  And it was a rocky road to get here.  I have a few trips planned at the  beginning of this year.  It’s fun to get out and explore a little.  The blog has inspired me to do just that.  It’s about living in suburbia and that means also getting out once in a while!    I love being out doors.  Someone once asked me if I like living in Texas (knowing that I am from Florida).  My response is that I like both places.  What I like most about Texas I don’t get to see all of the time (some of the scenery).  I showed a little of it on the post about going to get the turkey which was just outside of Houston. I prefer to go to the beach in Florida and to the lakes and rivers in Texas.  This summer, I will find someone to go tubing with me on the Comal river!!!  I will post about Fredericksburg and I plan to go to Waco!  I’m sure there will be a trip to Austin and one to Dallas.  Texas is so big it takes a while to get from one place to another.  To me there is plenty to explore.  Of course I have been told that my adventures are a liking to going to see the big ball of twine (in Kansas).   I don’t see my adventure seeking as lame.  I mean seriously a lot of effort I’m sure was put into the making of a big ball of twine, you would think that would be appreciated!  If I could, sure I would go to see all of the really exotic places.  I don’t have the means to do that.  And there is plenty to see in simplicity….you just have to use your senses.

Happy New Year!!



New Year

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