Stress fix (sort of)

I’m happy it’s the weekend!  It was a stressful week with work.  One child returned to school.  I felt accomplished to get some house cleaning done for company this weekend.  And I managed to have some fun with my daughter.  There are probably little paint places in every city and ours is no exception.  I have gone to a paint class several times now. (and I’m still no artist!)  It’s nice you can bring food and drinks and spend an evening painting.  You just pay a set price and they provide the canvas and the painting instruction for whatever it is planned to paint that night.  You register online and you can view what painting will be presented as the example for whatever day you are going during the calendar.  I’ve been asking my daughter to go and tonight she was free.  About 40 people attended.  They play music while an “instructor” guides you through your background and where to start, what color to use and what brush to use.  And they say you can deviate however you want.

I know she likes to paint so I thought the idea of an evening of both of us going would be fun.  Some people get highly stressed out about how their painting looks as they go.  Some people are really care free.  The idea is to be relaxed and just have fun.  So it is a little sad when I see people get frustrated or critical of themselves.  It’s just a painting.  There were groups of people there, people celebrating birthday parties, couples and I think we were the only mother daughter duo.  It’s interesting to hear others perspective on the environment.  She mentioned it is distracting to have so many people talking and peppy with the music loud and I can see that if you like to paint in peace it may not be for you.  Still I’ve always enjoyed going with friends and will probably go again.  I think her painting turned out excellent.


The name of the painting is “Breaking Free”.  I just realized now the relationship between the bird and the feather.  I’m still deciding what this means to me.  You put so much time and effort into the one feather with the color variation then all of the birds which are black fly out the top.  I guess that’s it break free of the detail.  What a great way to end the week!

After the painting we went for dinner since we didn’t eat before.  I had my favorite decaf cappuccino and breakfast actually!  The place was really nice, we had never been there.  I cooked all week so I’m happy to be able to go out and enjoy a nice place like this.  The food was awesome!  So for a wintry night in Texas (rainy and 60) it was good to get out.


Stress fix (sort of)

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