Out of towners

We had a great day with out of town family.  My niece auditioned for the Voice.  And although she didn’t make it, we enjoyed a nice afternoon and evening with family.  There were 6000 that auditioned and you really can’t go and see the audition unfortunately. I’m glad they decided to spend some time with us!

We went out to lunch for some Tex Mex.  Then came back and got in our PJs early and watched football!  Not everyone likes sports but it was fun being together and after all it is playoff season!  Afterwards we ordered BBQ and brought it back and watched Sciaro.  The cousins have been together since they were babies and it is nice they are now grown and can go out and do their own thing while the adults get together and do our own thing!  I can’t tell you how comfy it was!  The movie was really good too!  I love catching up with the fam.  Everyone has their own very different life.   I’m happy I have them in my life!

Even though we live in the same state it is far between cities.  Each city has it’s uniqueness and it makes it nice to go for a change in surroundings.  Our house can seat comfortably 6 really in our living room.  Our crowd was 9, so the cousins split and it was comfortable to watch TV in the living room.  I am not a big entertainer.  When the family comes from out of town, that can be 10 people, so 14 in our house is A LOT!   I like to cook and it is overwhelming for me to cook for that many!  So to think in terms of how much to get is hard for me.  Most of the time I buy small amounts, we just don’t eat big.  So whenever people come here and it’s just for a night, eating out and bringing food in is the way to go.


Would you believe three adult size girls slept in one bed?  No complaints either!  Yippee!  At one point we managed to sleep 14 people in our house. Now with adult size people it’s harder to do. Not impossible.  Especially if you don’t mind grabbing a piece of floor or cramming in the bed with others…not me!  So I used to read about preparing your house for guests comforts.  Having extra tooth brushes, soaps, a robe, etc.  I am lucky to get my house clean as it’s going to get, and that by any means probably isn’t clean enough.  And most importantly, having enough toilet paper!   And spending the time on the bathrooms is extra important.  In my last minute preparations I even replace toilet seats just to make them flawless…LOL!!!!!  Sounds like it’s pretty clean, but I don’t think you can get clean enough.  It’s so funny, I don’t mean to compare, usually when I go to visit someone else’s house I come back to my own thinking.  I really need to clean!  And that can be from visiting someone’s house that is either really clean or really dirty…it effects me the same either way!


That’s a wrap!  Everyone left and now I need to start on a 10 mile run!  The Chevron 1/2 is next weekend whoo hoo!




Out of towners

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