Inspirational de-clutter!

So my sister in law and I were chatting about clutter.  I consider her a pretty good queen of clean and really admire that.  I mean I want to be clean, not to the point where it’s uncomfortable.  Anyway, so the new year is a great time that inspires me even more so to get rid of the old unnecessary clutter.  I have heard people say if you haven’t used it in three years (some say even a year) then it’s time to get rid of it.  Now of COURSE that doesn’t mean getting rid of something extra special but it would have to really be special.   One great trick I learned is if you just can’t part with something your kids made or you received, then take a picture of it.  It’s a whole lot easier to store digital than something that takes up precious real estate.  If it’s small enough to scrap book then keeping it for a photo album should not cost too much of your space.

Some get attached to their things.  I hope to inspire freedom with getting rid of it!  Detach from things! We are very fortunate to have a Goodwill practically right outside of the neighborhood.  I have my bags of old clothes and shoes to take over there and my closet now looks less cluttered.  That’s something to be happy about!  I have three coffee pots.  Why? I just got a fourth to replace the one I use.  Looking at these old coffee pots I’m thinking why did I ever save them for so long?   I mean really they are NASTY!  They do function.  It is just not possible to clean them up.  And the one I am using leaks.  So it functions and leaks all over the counter every time.  There is some guilt in throwing things away because they take up space in a land fill.  Recycling is best where ever possible.  Collecting things that I will never use in my living space isn’t a good solution though.


Buying less things helps.  If I don’t absolutely need it, I don’t get it.  So going to the store and buying a great buy in the hopes I will use it will never work for me.  I don’t even like going to the bulk stores.  First I don’t know where the heck I would put it and second if I buy it I want to use it … all of it.  Otherwise it’s a waste!  The funny thing is this is where my sister-in-law and I differ.  She does go to the bulk stores.  We tease each other about it.  I’ll say hmmm, where did you get that?  And she replies … Costco, wink wink!

All of this to say…can’t wait to enjoy a good cup of coffee!  I really hope this coffee pot lasts a long time.  I went with a very bold color this time.  Hopefully waking up to that color will get me to start my day cheery and energetic.   It’s even brighter in the picture!  That should wake anyone up!


Inspirational de-clutter!

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