Midweek FUN!

It was really hard to figure out what to get my son for Christmas.  He doesn’t like getting clothes, has the games he wants and didn’t want any particular thing.  He loves sports and right now it is basketball season.  I thought it would be good to get tickets for a game.  I don’t know why sporting events can be so expensive!  We wanted good seats if we are going to make the trip there.  I ordered tickets online and used “Flash Seats” for the first time.  What an awesome thing that is.  It was difficult to trust the process, because you show up without a paper ticket and nothing on your phone.  You link your tickets with your ID through the Flash Seats app and bam, when you give the ticket taker your ID they print you your seats that you ordered.


I thought I had good seats but wow, we had great seats.  We could talk to the players if we wanted to.    It’s so different watching a game live than on TV.  There is a lot of distraction. There is music, the awesomeness of the fact that you are seeing the full attributes of the players right in front of you, you can see plays differently because you are looking at what you want to, not what the TV is showing you.  Of course there are many different types of people watching the game.  Every time there is a time out dancers come out or some kind of honor is presented.  There are games in-between time outs with the audience.  It can be over stimulating.  My son had anxiety after the game, this is mid week and of course he needs to go to school.  I am letting him sleep a little more, he will go late.  Thinking about all of what was going on I can see how that might have effected him.  It was stimulation on steroids.  Coming back to our quiet home we just don’t have near that level of activity.  I had trouble concentrating on any one thing in particular at the game because there was so much going on.   It’s amazing to me how people adapt to over stimulation.  My husband seems to tune things out.  I will say did you notice something and he will completely not.  It’s hard when there is so much going on to be aware, mindful.

Anyway, being close to a big city we have a great venue for sports.  Baseball, football and basketball are all fantastic.  The athleticism of the players is nothing short of amazing.  I think I was most impressed with the athlete’s ability to use their fast twitch muscles.  I never really noticed that before.  But wow, it’s amazing to see someone move like that!  And to see them pass the ball and make amazing plays effortlessly!  win



Midweek FUN!

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