Business Trip

This is the time of year of an annual kick off meeting for work.  It’s in Dallas.  I decided to drive for many reasons.  To me drive or fly is going to take the same amount of time if you consider the prep work and getting to and from the airport.  Air travel these days isn’t really pleasant either.  So rather than be irritated and concerned over flight timing, I’d rather go myself on my time!  On the way I wanted to stop by two places.  One is in Corsicana.  Corsicana is home to the famous Collin Street Bakery that makes the best fruit cakes (it has to be true since it was featured on Food network on TV).  I don’t particularly like fruit cake because fruit cake has a reputation of being that one hard Christmas food that no one wants.

The bakery charges a pretty penny for one of their cakes!  It was $18 for a 5 inch diameter cake!  I cheated a little and went to the one that is on the freeway, instead of in the heart of Corsicana.  From googlemaps I don’t think I missed anything.  Since the bakery was started by a German baker in 1896, I was hoping the original would be in a really old building. However, after some checking, the original bakery moved in 1967 to a location off of Collin Street.  The one on the highway is way cuter looking…


So after my little side trip, it was back on the road.  Rainy and cold!  BRRRR!  They had us stay at a really nice hotel for the kick off meeting.  Apparently there are 4 other Gaylord hotels in other states.  This one was definitely decorated Texas style!  It is quite exceptional.  The hotel is completely enclosed and there are so many rooms (like over a thousand…I looked it up)!  Some rooms face the middle and some face the lake.  There are little restaurants that are like mini buildings inside that look Alamo-ish!


Just amazing.  I’m thinking this is probably the nicest hotel I have ever stayed in.


They had shops with nice clothing, jackets, boots, jewelry, and high end purses.  I didn’t go into the restaurant or one of the coffee shops.  Just didn’t have time…sigh.

The conference rooms are very nice.  I work in a high tech industries.  What is exciting and scary at the same time is the idea of the internet of things, always being connected and the concept of being co-dependent with technology.  I always knew that the future of technology would be explosive.  I wanted to be a part of that!  Getting older and seeing the new generation’s adaptive behaviors to technology as part of life is interesting to me. Especially because I experienced life before it.  There are components of life before technology that are nice such as less anxiety, being present, and enjoying things free of charge.

The convention center experience now is amazing.  Very high tech.  As we moved through classes and general discussion of the business and vision of where we need to be it’s hard not to be overwhelmed with how to put this into practical play.  They did a good job of feeding you (both knowledge and sustenance) and providing information and social opportunity in a very nice comfortable setting!

Just one more pic of design elements to add to the experience of a nice place for business Texas style.  What I see is stone work, the mix of elements (big cedar beams and iron fixtures), pops of color the blue chair with a design resembling punched tin embroidery in the fabric combined with leather.  And of course, an over-sized wood burning fire place. ❤







Business Trip

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