On the way back from Dallas, I wanted to stop by Waco.  HGTV has a show called Fixer Upper.   The stars of the show purchased a silo location in the middle of downtown Waco and turned it into a home decorating store.  On TV they make Waco out to be a really cute quaint Texas town with cheap properties on big lots that can be purchased and turned into amazing properties.

What I have heard about Waco…  I’ve always been told it’s in the middle of no where.  And not to be disrespectful because I’ve only heard this from a few people… that say it is the arm pit of Texas.  That might make some Texans mad!  When telling people I want to go there, I got some odd looks followed by the question why?

What I saw…it is a small town.  It’s home to a very prestigious college Baylor which by the way is a really nice campus and in downtown Waco.  The store from the show is called Magnolia Farms.  On TV it looked like it was in the middle of no where.   It’s actually right in the center of town with lots of buildings surrounding it.


The building above is the store.  It has all of the typical things the star Joanna uses to decorate.  Her style uses a mix of jars, vases and old pieces (wood and rustic metal), cute.  The store was PACKED. People from all over came to this tiny town to be in this store.  One lady was from Beaumont Texas which is quite a distance from Waco.  There were others from Louisiana and Alabama.  People were buying up the stuff!  As I walked around the store I realized that the style is just not my style.  And to add to it, I don’t have the vision to take pieces and make something out of it.  So while people were buying up the cotton wreaths in droves, I passed and got out of it the experience.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like the show a lot.  While waiting in line for the restroom the lady behind me said the stars of the show are so down to earth.  My thought, I can see the real cheese factor in their on screen “playfulness”.  Even in their commercials promoting the show one of the stars says “Now that is good TV”…I don’t know that just screams CHEESE to me.   But whatever, there are a lot of worse things to watch on TV.  And I will bet these people make a lot of money on their business ventures, they know what they are doing.  This store seems to be successful…good for them!


Can’t make it to Waco, no worries, the store is online.  The picture above is of the metal cut signs she uses on the show.  They have two sizes small and large.  I think on the show she doesn’t use these standardized sizes, but you can own one of the cutesy sayings she incorporates in her designs.  My favorite saying of the choices, “let what you do today be enough”.

So what about the silos????


It’s a photo spot at best.  There is nothing in the silos.  It’s just for decoration.  They do have a green space for kids to play in front and food trucks on the perimeter.

I would like to return to Waco some day.  There is the Doctor Pepper museum and a Heritage village.  It is worth a day trip or weekend with some girl friends!  I really enjoy the small Texas towns.  They are really unique!



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