Tennis anyone?

Ok time to blog about tennis.  What is the significance of living in Texas and tennis?  Well! For one thing, you can play tennis pretty much year round.  It’s “winter” now and even though it was 40 degrees the other night, I ended up shedding layers and played tennis in yoga pants and a light weight jacket.  It warms up pretty quickly.

I’ve always been an avid active person and I will say that over the years my interest in activities has changed.  I once loved aerobics, skating and biking.  Now I am more in to tennis, pilates and running.  It’s important to pick something that you love.  The real trick is to find something that doesn’t feel like it’s a chore to do.  Tennis is that for me.  I have met a very nice group of friends through tennis.   So the benefits are exercise and socialization.  It’s also something you can play on multiple skill levels and keep playing at any age.

We have some very nice facilities around town.  The courts closest to me are part of a club.  And the benefit there is that you schedule your courts to guarantee a spot.  They have in house mixers (parties with food and play for fun), leagues you can join and charity events! We also do traveling leagues through USTA with our home court at the club. There are public facilities around town and even a few indoor options (which is nice if you want to avoid a rain out).

I’ve been to some really nice country clubs (with servers dressed in white suits serving food in silver covered platters) so tennis can be on the really extravagant end to the common municipal or neighborhood courts.  If you play in the day and not at one of those fancy country clubs, then usually everyone brings something, like bananas, Gatorade, something salty or sweet.  At night it’s all about bringing martinis 🙂

So this is why tennis is my absolute favorite thing to do.  And most of the time, even in the hot summer…I think the weather is gorgeous!  Let’s not forget the cute little tennis skirts you wear!

This year is the first time I’ve ever captained a team for a USTA league.  It’s just a little bit of organization work.  Sometimes there is tennis drama.  And you know with ladies that can get really ugly.  “That ball was out!… Are you sure?”  My favorite comment, “that ball would have been out in day league!”  And then rule arguments, voice lets, score calling (this happens a lot, you get into a point and then forget the score). And some people get really angry if they are losing.  Tennis has a pretty big mental component as well as a skill component.  I really try to keep my mental toughness up and have a pleasant demeanor even if I’m playing badly.  If I can see my opponent is clearly better or my partner is not doing so hot, then I try to focus on what I can do.  Which is focus on making less of my own mistakes and keeping up with the positivity.  I’ve seen some people that look like they are having a miserable time playing tennis and that is just not the point.  Most people don’t win every game…and you can come back and win if you are down 5 games! It’s not over till it’s over!

If you haven’t tried tennis, one way to start is to join a club and take some lessons.  By starting with mixers and in-house leagues you will only meet more people and find more opportunities to play.   Even now a days there are meetup groups online ( if you do a search.  And you can do flex leagues through USTA to schedule games with new people organized through USTA.  I’ve had fun learning from different coaches, all have contributed something to my game.  The investment you make into it is worth the health and social benefit!tennis

Tennis anyone?

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