Texas Boots

It is that time of year.  February 22nd is Go Texan day.  It’s like the kickoff to the Houston Livestock and Rodeo which is an event that lasts almost a month.  So what do you do for Go Texan day anyway?  Well, it’s a day that the people of Houston are encouraged to wear western wear to celebrate the western heritage.

I don’t always go to the rodeo, but when I do….(I wear my boots?…hmmm).   There are rodeos all over Texas.  This one is very big and incorporates a lot!  To name a few things, there are concerts with mainly country singers, a chili cook off, selling of livestock (and there is a lot of participating from high schools participating in FFA-Future Farmers of America), and there is a big market of things clothing, decor, etc.  And a carnival.   There are events too like calf scramble, roping, bull riding, etc.  I had to put all of that out there to get to boots.  Which is the important thing.

This year I would like to go to the rodeo.  I thought, maybe I would look at some western boots because I don’t have any.  I decided to go to the biggest western wear place I know of and that is Cavendar’s.  For fun, I thought I would take my daughter along.  (Had to bribe her.)  So the interesting connection here as it pertains to the main subject of my blog, Texan Suburban Lifestyle is what is it like to live in the suburbs in Texas?  And specifically, for this week, as it pertains to boots.

From my daughter’s prospective she thinks there are two kinds of boot wearing people. And I can kind of see her point.  There are the country people and the city people.  I’m really simplifying here.  So there are people in her age group specifically that dress the part of being in a group like FFA or just like to go to country western places for fun (dancing) …which by the way is really fun!  And there is a group of people that wear boots for fashion.  And to make things even more confusing, there are fashion boots called riding boots which you would associate with horses, but I can assure you, most people wearing them have never been on a horse.

I’m not the kind of person that just throws an outfit together and it looks awesome.  I have to look at what people are putting together as a point of reference.  So, I tried on some boots and noticed something.  One, I really don’t think the western boots go with leggings.  Two, I am not a big person, but my muscular legs are accentuated with this type of boot…I don’t think that’s a good thing.  Some things I did notice about western boots in particular are that the boots are typically below the knee.  They come in pointy toe and square toe.  Heal or no heal. Lots of them have embroidery and there is a slit at the shin.  They come in brown, black and some colors.  And they can be expensive!  There were some really intricate ones that were over $400!  There are many options at $100, but still, that is expensive!  A good pair of boots will last though.  And as they get worn, that just adds to the boot’s character.




I guess I have decided what kind of boot personality I am.  And that is the city kind.  The one that wears fashion riding boots.  They just look sleeker.  Maybe I can get an outfit to work for me, but given my physical attributes, I don’t think so.  We shall see.  When I go to the rodeo, I will scope out some cute outfits and see how the true Texan’s do things.


Texas Boots

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