Ok, so this is not a Texas thing in particular.  I’m going to blog about it anyway because I feel so strongly about it.  Tonight we went to a gala to benefit the Center for Success and Independence.  It is a residential adolescent recovery facility that has 44 beds for boys/girls split.  They do dual diagnosis, mental illness and addiction.  We had the experience of dealing with an addicted adolescent.  I can tell you it is hell.  And I can tell you there is hope.  I would do anything to help my child.  And I’ve always been a mother that would do anything for her children.  That’s why this disease is so horrible, it attacks your family and no matter how much you love your children, how much educating you have done, or whatever your social status is, the disease strikes.  I will say that I do believe it attacks the spiritually weak.  And I say that because recovery has a lot to do with a spiritual awakening.  Spirituality doesn’t have to be full blown…just a seed is a start.  That spiritual awakening is personal to everyone.  It is really not something you can force on someone.  Just like anything else.  We have free will and I think it takes someone’s own spiritual awakening to truly be connected.

With that said, there needs to be more available options for addiction treatment.  I was so lost with what to do for treatment of an adolescent who believed drugs and being non conformative was the way to be.  You might say it looked like a hippy lifestyle, but in a really dangerous way.  There is such a fine line with the absolute poison that is available and the circumstances they get themselves in.  We didn’t have a mental illness issue which a lot of people have with addiction.  Addiction was it and believe me, that is enough.  It can be life or death.  Insurance doesn’t do a good job covering it because of the nature of relapse which is part of the disease.  It can take someone multiple relapses to get into good recovery.  And that is not failure.   My child still doesn’t think that the word addict fits.  I can assure you it does.  I’m hoping it was an adolescent thing and that adulthood will be different.  I still think it’s a fine road to tread.  I had to educate myself to find how to get into the position to be supportive and actually help and not enable.

I am really supportive of places like the Center for Success and Independence.  Any kind of service I can do for this cause, I will because I believe so strongly about it.  I’ve heard parents say, I’m taking my kid out of here (school or wherever) because of the losers they are with.  The truth is, those losers are probably in need of care.  My child has been one of those losers.  And your child is gravitating to certain people for a reason. I consider ourselves extremely fortunate to find the help we needed and funding we needed when our insurance wouldn’t help us.  Now a days, I am told Texas state funding has stopped for just addiction.  Which is a travesty.  This facility used cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy which are real concrete treatments that can be used to treat a person and family suffering from addiction.  (The family is involved because someone in the family will become an enabler to the addict).  And the cycle has to be broken.

So the gala tonight was held at the Winter Street studio (Art). It’s in the Heights and they had music, food, wine, a silent auction and a very interesting live auction which was constructed around donations towards a van the facility uses to take patients to places as rewards for their treatment progress or AA meetings outside of the facility and even to and from a recovery school.  I will be forever indebted for the help I have received from The Center of Success and Independence.  My hope is that more families will receive the support they need to get their lives back from hell.  I hope that when I am able, I will find ways to find funding for families in need of treatment for addiction.  There are so many out there.  We won a silent auction item for my other child who has also suffered the hell from being in a family with an addict.  Any chance we have to give that child time and plan fun things to do to make up for the amount of time spent heavily on just trying to stay above water with the other one is totally worth it!

So one thing I can say about Houston in particular is that we have good programs for addiction (adolescents).  Funding is a problem.  We also have amazing health care for cancer and heart disease.  If you ever have a health issue, I would make it a point to seek out the care from the medical district in Houston.  Even in the suburbs, if you have a significant problem, you need to go to the city for treatment.  People come from all over the world to get treatment here.  We do have some of the best care in the world ❤





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