Texas Critters-Wildlife

Around the burbs we do have critters.  Some cute some not so much.  On the cute side, we have adorable little wild brown rabbits and squirrels.  With the rabbits come birds of prey.  We see lots of hawks.  I’ve always been told they are chicken hawks.  Which is kind of funny now that I think about foghorn leghorn with the chicken hawk cartoon and Texas.

Some of my favorite wildlife around the neighborhood are the birds.  The herons are beautiful!  I’ve seen a beautiful owl and hear them on occasion.  And during the day we have mocking birds, blue jays, cardinals, sparrows and robins.  Then during spring there are lots and lots of doves.  They build really bad nests and they are just everywhere cooing.  And every year a poor little one falls out of its nest in our yard.  I’ve put many back into their nest risking life and limb…I need to stop that!   The not so pretty birds are the grackles (they love junk food) so maybe that explains it.

Every year around spring we are visited by baby snakes.  I believe they are copper heads.  Some are so small that they almost look like worms, but you can tell they are not by the way they move.  Every year one crosses my path and I end up eradicating it out of fear for my life.  (the ones I see are about a foot long and skinny)…so you can imagine the fear.  I’ve seen quite a few different kinds of snakes here.  Most of them non poisonous.  I’ve had a garter snake swim in the pool.  And a brown snake that was sad about losing his home in my palm tree.  He really wanted nothing to do with me and wouldn’t even make eye contact.

If you go a little outside of the suburbs then you see deer, skunks, raccoons, armadillos and possums.  And there are some state parks nearby here that have swampy ponds with alligators in them.  Brazos Bend is one of my favorites!  They have an observatory there as well which is kind of unique!  It’s fun to camp because you see some of the more rural critters.  And they are hilarious.  Especially raccoons.  We had one thief get into a cooler and take the eggs.

There are also places to see bats. So this week I went to Montrose at Sunset to watch the Mexican free tailed bat colony emerge from the Waugh bridge.  Why not?  It’s pretty amazing.  Apparently the little critters eat lots of bugs.  So yay bats!  There are 250,000 of these guys that live under the bridge.  I read up on viewing these guys.  So they come out just after sunset, they exit the east side of the bridge.  They may not come out on cold or rainy nights.  It was 70 degrees and perfect!


I see these little bunnies all over the tennis courts in the evening.  They are not shy!  I see them while jogging too in the evening.


and the herons…absolutely beautiful birds.  We have some great wildlife.  Next time you go outside, look for them!  They are pretty special!


Texas Critters-Wildlife

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