Work Life Key to Happiness?

If you could go back in time knowing what you know now, would you have chosen a different path?  It’s funny how things evolve to how you choose your path.  I never would have guessed the future would be living in Texas with a job that is based elsewhere, possible with technology.  Being a longtime lover of technology, I am mindful of that fact that it can be a double edge sword.  There are many moments of looking forward to being unplugged, care free and unchallenged for down time!  And yet having the technology keeps us moving in a direction of good things as well!  Bitter sweet I guess.

This week I had a meeting with a customer in my pjs.  I can’t tell you how awesome that is!!  A lot of work was put into that proposal and to be able to discuss it relaxed in PJs no makeup and hair a mess…priceless!  Of course, making the sale would be icing on the cake!  There are pros and cons with working from a home office.  The time management is awesome because you are not stuck in traffic.  You can work your own hours which might be late or early allowing for time to take care of things with the kids or something you just need or want to go do.   Sounds great, right?  Then there are problems.  Sometimes work issues are so bad that there have been plenty of times where I’ve said this job just isn’t worth it….and then the thought pops back in…the perks of the home office!   My next meeting might be when I’m getting my nails done…who knows??  I have actually brought my laptop and phone into the nail salon.

To work or not to work?  Just this week I’ve heard friends on both sides of the fence talk about their challenges with the decision.  Choosing is really personal. You just have to figure out how comfortable you are to live within your means and decide.  Being married and having two incomes is helpful.  It is possible to make it on one income.  However, there is still managing a home and family that needs to be done either way and that is plenty of work right there!  For me, there is a bit of an insurance policy to work in case it’s just me that has to bring in the income.  That and finding something that is enjoyable to keep interest and relevant to now.  Life happens and things can change.

Deciding on a lifestyle is key as well.  What is really necessary?  Drawing from experience I’ve lived pretty simply to know the difference.  It’s perplexing to think what do you really need?  We are so lucky here in the USA…and Texas 😉  to have the freedom to choose from so many opportunities.  You have to recognize it and find your way because there is a way.  Hopefully you are blessed with a mind that can make happiness no matter what the circumstances are.  I attribute that to faith!

As with anything there is a balance between good and bad.  The trick is to find the balance.


Work Life Key to Happiness?

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