Signs of Spring   

What was the verdict with Punxsutawney Phil…the ground hog?  Did he see his shadow or not?  It’s been four weeks since ground hogs day and here there are signs of spring! Spring is one of the best times of year in Texas.  The weather is cool and pleasant and the color change is magnificent!  Everything just seems greener.  The trees bud and leaf out.  The flowers bloom. One of my favs is the red bud tree.  During the summer it looks like a regular tree, it loses its leaves in the winter and in spring you only see these beautiful pinkish purple (red I guess) blooms.


We are starting to see the beginning of pine pollen.  We get a dumping of the yellow powdery stuff for a good two weeks straight!  It gets on everything!  You can see the pine trees with the male pine cones that release the pollen.  Just a simple touch or wind blow and the yellow powder comes out.


People with allergies are having a hard time.  I’m not really sure what the secret is to avoiding allergy problems.  It doesn’t bother some people.  On occasion the amount of stuff in the air will clog my sinuses. We just need a good rain to wash it away!  Weeds are definitely everywhere too!  Landscape companies are really happy because they are going to be really busy!  Home Depot and the garden centers too!   Some plants need to be trimmed back and currently look like branches (like bougainvillea and esperanza)  Although, this year we didn’t have a freeze to take out the plants or make them bare probably because we are in the El Nino weather pattern.

It’s amazing to see your surroundings come back to life!  In winter we see a lot of dormant trees and the leafing out is pretty cool.  Spring is such a show.  On the first act, we have trees like the red bud beginning to bloom, and then we will have more plants blooming in a couple of weeks.  On the finale, the entire yard’s shrubs are in full bloom … indian hawthorne, bottle brush, oleander and yesterday, today and tomorrow shrubs as well as petunias and lantana.    And let’s not forget the wildflowers!   This year I’m excited to have a couple of opportunities to see their beautiful display out of the suburbs. (since everybody mows, the wildflowers don’t have a chance, that’s why it’s best to see them on the side of the road between cities or in the country).  Even if you are not a plant enthusiast, there is no denying an appreciation for the life and beauty around you.  I so look forward to spring!

This year I’m really excited to go with a friend to the azalea trail in a couple of weeks in the city with some really old well established grounds.  I’ve never been!  Azalea’s are so beautiful.  And kind of hard to maintain.  I tried it once and for a while they were gorgeous! They like acidic soil, so if they are planted around pine trees, I’ve heard that helps!    Why not take some time to smell the roses?  I’m still thinking about doing some kind of herb garden.  I’m not big on plant commitment…and so that explains the azalea failure!  Plants need to be hardy and survive if I don’t water it!   Fortunately if you go native, there are plenty of plants that will do well under those circumstances. Rosemary grows really well here too and smells so good.  And for a little garden/patio treat, tomatoes.  Just have to pick them before the birds and that is a challenge because the birds will go for them before they are ripe.  Sometimes I’ve had better luck with cherry tomatoes.  Nature ❤




Signs of Spring   

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