Rodeo Houston – Urban Cowboys

I don’t even know where to start !!!  Took my son with his friends to the Houston rodeo and had an amazing adventure .  The rodeo is held at NRG Stadium, home of the Texans!

Not sure how I managed to hit the entrance with the wine garden!  They have good cheap wine …4 bucks!  That and a really good band is a great way to start off your night!! It’s really pleasant outside and enjoyable to watch the two steppers and to check out the rodeo fashion!! Couples dancing, young and old, even women dancing with women, and kids too.


The band really seemed to enjoy what they do !! And they were awesome!  It was packed but not too packed!   The people are so friendly . I’m by myself and strangers greet you with a smile and engage in small talk in such a comfortable in your blue jeans approach .
For my ten dollar entrance (plus $15 for parking) my agenda included checking out the food, the shopping, see an event and perusing the livestock.   No problem for 3 and 1/2 hours!

Rodeo food is very interesting to say the least!  First of all, there are so many options.  The rodeo is only here for about a month, yet there are elaborate restaurant facades.  Maybe it stays up for football?  I don’t know, but they had everything except for diet food!  And you have to check it all out before deciding!  Since the chili cookoff is a really big deal before the rodeo starts, I was hunting for chili. However, the food sold during the rodeo should not be confused with the chili cook off …side note!

Some of the most interesting things there are fried cheese cake, fried cookie dough (rolled in bacon ‘course), fried oreos, strawberry waffle balls, french fry loaf and gator just to name a few.  They had BBQ, Mexican food and Cajun food as well as every kind of carnival food.  Oh yeah, there is a huge carnival as part of the entertainment that is where the kids went.


On with the shopping!  There is tons of it!  They have clothing (including boots of course), furniture (Texas style), jewelry, food items like salsas and candies … just to name a few.  A reoccurring theme was the sale of hot tubs…apparently every Texan needs one.  I saw tee-pees, hand crafted figurines, rugs, and art work (paintings and prints).   There are many chunky rock type pieces of jewelry and they are not cheap!  I just browsed and noticed the price tag on one that was $395!  Have you ever seen livestock jewelry?  Well they have it here!..


I ended up purchasing my jewelry online for $10, it’s a Houston Rodeo logo rhinestone pin that can also be worn as a pendant.  The logo is cute, its an H that has a cowboy hat and the bottom of the H curves and wears boots.  Just too cute!  You can see a picture of the logo in the next photo.

Next, the main event.  Hoping to see calf roping or bull riding (apparently in a different building), instead was something unexpected.  The championship police dog take down! In this event a man stands in the arena in a heavily padded suit.  He waves and jumps around and they unleash a police dog who is timed for speed and his take down.  The champion dog ran at 35 mph.  Wow!


To round up the night was a visit through the livestock display.  There were cows, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, donkeys, (alpacas …someone said, but I didn’t see them) and bunnies!  This fine specimen is pretty cool. He’s a Texas longhorn and his coloring is so beautiful.  The University of Texas has a longhorn mascot, BEVO, and he is more orange and white I guess, but I’ve seen orange, white and black on some of the school’s apparel.  This guys coat is pretty nice.  So there you have it!  A great time was had by all!



Rodeo Houston – Urban Cowboys

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