Texas Wine

One thing about Texans (especially women) is their love for wine!  You wouldn’t think with the weather the conditions would be favorable to grow grapes. It gets super hot in the summer and we have droughts.   However, indeed there is a wine industry here.  Guessing from the conditions, Texas wine isn’t all that popular.  But is it any good? Surprisingly, yes…and there is a twist!  The Texas wines sold in the stores in big cities are mass produced and frankly aren’t good in my opinion.  I am certainly no wine connoisseur.  Usually any table wine will do for me…pour me a glass!  However, getting some exposure to some different wines has changed that a little.  So the way to get good Texas wine is to actually visit the vineyard or to join their wine club and have it shipped to your home.

In central Texas just outside the town of Fredericksburg are many wineries.  This is nothing like California wineries, let’s be clear!   It’s kind of shocking that they are right there on the side of the road!  Some have nicer grounds, some look like a shack.

We visited Messina Hoff because I’ve actually tasted it (the local store version).   And I was told Messina Hoff has better wines that they don’t sell in stores.  They just can’t make enough to mass produce, but the reserves are very good.  The original Messina Hoff was a labor of love from the Bonarrigo family that came from Italian and German backgrounds.  Their original and main vineyard was started in the ’70s and is in Bryan Texas.  The one outside of Fredericksburg is in a really nice building.  We stopped in for a wine tasting.  They have reds, whites and sweet wines.  The grapes grown on the side of the road are a black Spanish grape “Lenoir” and it makes a super sweet port.


Because I didn’t want to drag my husband into too many wineries, we just went to one other wine tasting in town on Main Street.  (like I said there are MANY).  The other one was Grape Creek. And it was just picked on a whim.  The wine at Grape Creek was better!  Every one of the wines I tasted were excellent and some have actually won awards.  You can see this vineyard on the way into Fredericksburg,  I believe they have a nicer tasting area with a restaurant and then the main growing area which is a very large steel structure you can easily see from the road. You can take a wine tour and hop on a shuttle that will take you to different wineries and runs every twenty minutes.

IMG_0405Both of these pics are of Messina Hoff …IMG_0406


Wine tasting at these places is so laid back and not pretentious. We mainly saw couples, however quite easily this would be a great outing for girls getting together!  The people are so friendly!  Strangers will engage in friendly chit chat as you taste wine in a comfortable setting!  Wine tastings are about $15 for four or five pours of about one ounce and the bottles ranged anywhere on average between $20 and $35 to purchase. AWESOMENESS!!!  ❤

Texas Wine

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