Weekend Getaway


I’ve always wanted to visit Fredericksburg, Texas.  There have been a few failed plan attempts and then my wedding anniversary came up.  What a perfect place to celebrate!  On the agenda, wine tasting, outdoor hiking, dinner plans, exploring shops, visiting the pacific war museum and staying at one of those quaint bed and breakfasts.

Fredericksburg is an old German settlement, so I pictured stepping into Europe here in Texas. It’s not quite that.  For sure there are German influences, names of places, the food, and maybe some living styles.  However, it’s definitely an old Texas town settlement.  In fact, there are structures that date back to the pioneer days and there is even a pioneer museum.

On the way into town we stopped at a vineyard and then onto the cutest bed and breakfast ever!!! Sugarberry Inn is newer and it is a series of small individual structures that are arguably Texas style architecture.  There were rocking chairs on the porch and the room had a big king size bed with an Iron frame.  The ceilings were 12 feet high with 8 windows that streamed in so much light!  The bottom part of the windows had wood shutters and the floor was stained concrete.  And there was a stone fireplace.  The bathroom was huge and included a jetted tub and large rain shower.  We didn’t think it would be necessary to use the gas fire place, however it turned cold and it was so nice to have it on.  Just flip the switch and even though the fire is behind glass, it heated up the room to a comfortable temperature.  There was an outdoor fire place too where guests can enjoy getting together and they even had heat lamps.



The plan was for our anniversary dinner at Vaudeville which required a reservation.  A friend asked me is Vaudeville a show?  I looked up the word and indeed it was a popular type of show in the 1920s, I can say that the show is the food!  The menu is preset, and the chef constructed 5 courses that were amazing to me.  Why so intriguing?  Because we had to ask how did the chef do that?  They had a dish in this pear shape container that you opened and a puff of smoke came out and inside was a smoked fish.  They fried an entire soft shell crab and it was on a bed of noodles (you eat the whole crab, I guess shell and all).  And the lamb was in these individual cylinder shapes that were rolled.  And finally desert, filo dough with brownie, cream and strawberries and pears.  They had to use PVC pipe to bake the dough and then everything was inside (I asked how they got the shape). The chef had an Italian heritage and lived in Louisiana and is 35 years old!  It was a pricey (worth it) and fun experience!  The building is really old and they have a home goods store and bistro as well.


Within walking distance is Main Street and the National Museum of the Pacific War.  The museum is a really good one and being that it is in an off the beaten path town, it makes you wonder why is it here of all places?  It’s because Admiral Chester Nimitz is from Fredericksburg and he was a major leader in the military during World War II.  What a fantastic place… my husband really enjoyed it!  There is SO much information that we took it in pieces, you can come and go over a 2 day period without repaying the $14/per adult and you can see much of the memorial outside for free.



On the next day, we started out with the breakfast that the owners provided in the cellar part of the facilities.  The owners Joe and his wife are super friendly and genuinely care about their guests comfort.   We shared stories about our stay and they shared stories about their place.  We scooted off to Enchanted Rock (detailed in another post).


We spent the rest of the time checking out the many shops that line Main Street and could have gone deeper into shopping at “Trade Days” which happens once a month a little further away.  We didn’t see it all, however the shops we did see were great!  There were clothing stores, food stores, general stores, furnishing stores and of course wine tasting places.


The final night we wanted to try German food so we went to this place called the Ratheskeller.  It’s a restaurant that is in the basement of a store on Main Street.  There was a lady playing the harp and she was really talented.  She played anything from Stairway to Heaven, Oh! Danny Boy and popular songs that are on the radio.   We enjoyed the German food and had a great time together!


Weekend Getaway

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