Happy Easter!  In our Texan suburban neighborhood, you don’t have to go far to find Easter services.  We have 6 churches in our subdivision!   You can choose from small churches to larger ones, traditional to contemporary.   Churches can also be in shopping plazas around here and I’ve even seen them held at the school!  It shouldn’t be hard to find a good fit.  Although, I still haven’t found a church home.  You can still have a really good spiritual connection without going to church.   The churches in our community provide community service as well, cub scout ceremonies,  day care (for mom to get a few things done), and a place to meet for people recovering from addiction, just to name a few!   I am so grateful for the church!


This is a special day to celebrate indeed!  Another great gift God gave us is family! Most Easter services were over by around noon today so that people can spend time with their families.  Many businesses were closed, however there were a few stores open and restaurants.  At the grocery store you could see people wearing their Easter Sunday best!

We celebrated Easter together and went out for brunch. So glad this idea came from my daughter!   Why is it that family celebrations and food go together so well?  It was really nice because with everyone’s busy schedule, we had the opportunity to talk about plans and ideas of the future.  It was really nice that everyone was present at the table (no phone checking :))


The place we went to had all kinds of things, eggs benedict, unique omelets, waffles, pancakes, and home made biscuits!   In order to get a variety, you do have to travel more towards the city.  It’s totally worth it!  We actually ate two meals together today, dinner was at home.  On the menu, ham and asparagus bow tie pasta and home made carrot cake cupcakes.  Pinterest has so many really cute ideas.  I really wanted to put together a decorative table which sadly did not work out, but it was still nice to have everyone together!

cup cakes

It was a really beautiful day outside!  A few people have Easter decorations in their yard. This one is really special, they haven’t mowed and have a bunch of wildflowers (butter cups)!


I feel very blessed and never mean to take things for granted.  Life is challenging and worth the challenge.  Without God, life would be impossible.  ❤


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