Round Top

Have you ever watched the show American Pickers?  Well twice a year for a week in the spring and fall there is a show of all shows-antique.  It’s held in Round Top Texas.   It’s between Austin and Houston on Hwy 290.  There are approximately 2000 vendors and the show spans 20 miles long!  From friends who told us about it to the Internet, you don’t get the full picture until you go there.  This is not wall to wall tents/booths, you may have a few pastures in between spots.  You just hop in your car and drive to the next spot.


The vendors must come from all over because you can see in some of the parking areas around back their travel trailers.  Apparently all of the hotels near this tiny town are booked. (not that I saw any hotels).  I spotted this old school bus that has been converted to a travel trailer.


They have anything from old antiques to hand crafted furniture.  They have lots of art and jewelry too. We saw groups of ladies traveling together that looked like they were having such a good time looking for home decor.  What a great fun girly thing to do!



So my daughter was searching for jewelry and lots of it was hand crafted.  There were many bulky pieces and a few smaller pieces that were made of quartz, which I guess is really in right now.  We met a lady who has someone carve pieces from an exotic place (I can’t remember where).  Really unique things, much of it pricey.  I was more on the hunt for decor.  Just something for the fireplace and coffee table, but really more to enjoy the experience.

She ended up finding a vintage sign for a friend!  She felt like she got a good deal.


And my little treasure… a little pig figurine.  My daughter said I should have haggled and the pig wasn’t worth $35.  However, I am happy with my purchase!  Don’t let anyone try to invade on your happiness…own it!  I couldn’t decide between the blue one and the yellow rust one…however I ended up with the yellow one.  She tried to sell me both…LOL!


Even though it was 75 degrees which you would think would be perfect weather, it was humid so it made it hot!  There is no air conditioning!  We stopped to get some water in this really cute place (which is open  year round).


They had tents as well as buildings full of antiques.  Now of course, you are probably not going to find a bargain, because the vendors have been bargain hunting to bring all of this stuff to this market.



And…there is no way that we could even see half of the stuff in the 3 hours we were there. This town of 90 certainly had way more people there today.  The vendors were very pleasant (not pushy) and invited you to browse and ask questions.  My daughter loved the bargaining element!


We did stop for lunch in a nearby town, Brenham.  If you take the business loop you can see the old town.  We picked a place called the Funky Art Cafe.  I would never get my husband to go to a place like this, because it was off the beaten path.  My daughter however being a food enthusiast, was happy to try it!  On the menu they had what I call cute food.  We found the restaurant on Yelp while searching for places to eat.  I’ve never been too impressed with the food at restaurants between towns, but if you actually go in the town it’s different.  I was really happy with this place.  It doesn’t look like much from the outside.  The building is obviously really old.  I asked, the restaurant is not original to the structure!  They had a really good chicken salad with fruit and my daughter had this amazing vegetable lasagna (the noodles were flat cut sweet potato).  Soooo good!



This was a really good half day adventure!  Totally worth the trip!

Round Top

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