What comes to mind when you hear the word Crawfish?  I think party! Usually crawfish is a feature of a crawfish boil. For me images of coolers with “bugs” as they are called and a big propane boiler comes to mind.  Beer apparently goes really well with it .


This weekend is the crawfish tennis tournament in Lafayette Louisiana ! We have a bunch of fun loving tennis players that were happy to plan this trip out months ago . Of course traveling from Texas is a journey ! However we planned for a lunch stop in Lake Charles …Steamboat Bill’s.  I definitely got a taste of authentic  Cajun cuisine !  They had different size plates/bowls that you could purchase which made it easy for me to sample my two favorites, etouffe and gumbo!  We had some native Cajuns with us so I was introduced to a boudin ball.  It’s a fried ball with stuff inside (seafood , rice , vegetables ) it was interesting! They had seafood behind the counter displayed . I’m a big fish fan however their feature was gar!  Gar is a scary looking fish with a long snout and visible teeth.  It kind of looks like an alligator.  The first time I saw one was frightening in the lake! My father in law told me the fish is not particularly tasty and it has a big spiney bone in it. I’m sure the restaurant made it tasty, however I didn’t try it ! It’s just not something you see on the menu !

They had a really nice social reception at the Oakbourne country club and provided jambalaya and beer!

Tennis began in the morning bright and early.  It was chilly!   We had 4 teams of six people alone from our club.  Since there are so many matches, they coordinated with other clubs in close vicinity and sent players to play at a certain time.  We played on har tru which is clay like.  It makes the ball bounce slower and you actually slide on the surface which I don’t like.  It’s supposed to be better for your joints.  Our women’s team didn’t make it to the championship but the men’s team did and won!    And you can’t go wrong by enjoying a weekend full of tennis and friends!

At night we had the crawfish boil.  They put out long tables and chairs on the courts and we brought the crawfish out to the tables and sat and ate while listening to a band play!



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