Haunting or a Piece of History?

Who would have guessed that in suburbia we would have any kind of history?  My family teases me that I use them for blog material.  This story was intriguing because it turned out to fit the story line of my blog.  My son has a filming project that is due this six weeks. He is doing a broadcast and the subject is open.  There is an urban legend that Patterson Road is haunted.  The story goes that a woman had a baby and was walking in the woods, she set her baby down, presumably in a basket, and got caught in a flood.  The baby died and she now haunts the area.  If you go to the bridge where the baby was caught in the flood the mother will knock on your car and you might see apparitions.

Ok, sound creepy enough?  Sure, we can throw in that there is a cemetery nearby.  Now, we do live in a heavily populated area, however this area is oddly secluded.  You take the turn onto Patterson road off a busy highway and suddenly, you are on a desolate two lane road surrounded by forest.  My son asked that I go with him to check it out and of course we had to wait until night.  I forgot to add that the haunting begins at midnight, however I was hoping to be sawing logs by then so I got him to go early.

The first stop was the cemetery.  It is fenced and on the corner of the busy highway and the dark creepy road.  There is no church there.  Nearby is a community center and park. We noted some of the names on the head stones and proceeded to explore the legend.  The road is in bad condition and there are flood gauges on the road so you can definitely tell the area floods.  We made it to the first bridge and stopped.  We didn’t see but maybe 3 cars on the road the entire time we explored, so stopping on the bridge was no problem.  I suggested that we not get out only because there is no shoulder on the road and there are absolutely no lights.  The moon was a waxing crescent and didn’t provide much lighting either.  We rolled the windows up and waited for knocking.  Nothing.  There are two bridges, so we proceeded to the next one.  We didn’t wait long and didn’t hear knocking.  I will say that it appeared there was a car coming behind us from a distance so I told him we would have to go.  But it disappeared.  And there are no roads to turn off on…HMMMM.  The other weird thing is that I saw a white light in my rear view mirror.  I didn’t have the reverse lights on so that was strange.  I turned around to view it out of the back window, however I could only see it through the mirror.  Spooky enough!   You know what that means?  Time for DQ for some ice cream!

patterson bridge

addicks cemetery

When we arrived home we did some research on the area and learned that German immigrants had settled the area in 1840 and held church out of their homes.  In 1902 they built a sanctuary, but in 1915 it was destroyed by flooding and a new church had been built. Continued issues with flooding resulted in the 1935 construction of the Addicks Reservoir. In 1940 the church was moved to it’s current location and renamed in 1968 to Addicks United Methodist church.  This explains why the church is not next to the cemetery.

I absolutely love old Texas churches.  So much so that we planned our wedding in one. They are so unique.  Small, quaint with architectural characteristics that include an exterior of white wood trim, and a mast with a pointy roof (resembling a steeple). They have small arched stain glass windows and mahogany long wooden pews and creaky wood floors.  There are lots of Lutheran and Methodist churches in Texas.



We are so fortunate to be able to go inside this church on a Sunday.  As you can see it’s really small and the people were in Sunday school in the adjacent building.  The gentleman here is the musician of the church.  I was hoping to get a little more of the history of the church, however John is new to the church and the pastor is as well.  The church is sustained by other surrounding churches in the Memorial area.  It’s nice that the bigger churches support the tiny church to keep the history…awesome!

We went back to Patterson road.  In the day time, it’s quite beautiful.  As far as the story about the woman with the child, who knows if it’s true?  It’s believable that tragedy could have struck with flooding in the area.  What is true is that we couldn’t seem to find anyone around that could corroborate the story.



Haunting or a Piece of History?

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