Girls Weekend Salado TX

This weekend was girls weekend!!  Guys and girls alike need to plan for a weekend together!    It feeds the soul!   After a few changes we made plans to visit Salado Texas.  I had never even heard of it.  It’s a secret treat!    One of our friends lives close to Salado and we piled in a couple of cars and made the trip to stay with her.  The town she lives in is called Round Rock just outside of Austin.  One friend and I always wanted to visit the actual round rock the town was named after.  It is really cool.  It is in Brushy Creek. The round rock marked an important water crossing for Indians and early settlers.  The water is clear and the bottom is rocky.  The settlers used the stone in and around the creek to build pioneer homes.  The Brushy Creek Post office was established in 1851 and the town that grew up around it was renamed Round Rock after the stone in 1854.


The area around here is part of the Chisholm Trail.  It was a freight route that went onto Kansas and Oklahoma.   The trail  in this area was for transporting longhorn cattle.  In heavy rains this area floods.  On this day the water was up to the bottom of my shorts in the middle of the creek.  The water was cool and I absolutely love the fact that you can see clear to the bottom.  It’s a pretty green.

We got up early in the morning and visited Waco which is further than Salado.  The girls wanted to see Magnolia Farms because of the TV show Fixer Upper (mentioned in another post) and we visited a farm market and had lunch at a local bar and grill.  We also visited the suspension bridge.  It was originally a toll bridge in 1870.  One of the coolest things is that the Baylor students throw tortillas onto a platform off the bridge.  If your tortilla lands on the platform you will be engaged within a year.  That is so neat!  I would have never known this without my friend!  She is such a cool person…love her!!!


In front of the entrance is a sculpture of many longhorns guided by a vaquero and a cowboy and it’s called Branding the Brazos.   The suspension bridge crosses the Brazos River.

Onto Salado…Salado is off of Interstate 35.  It is the cutest little town with unique shops. The shops are in these really old buildings.  They sell decor, clothing , art, specialty foods, etc.  There are so many cute little Texas things.  We browsed the shops and picked up a few treasures.  A friend got a painting from an artist that was actually one of her teachers.  I got a pendant that was created by the teacher of the local glass sculpture artist. There was a great coffee shop and we took a break and had so much fun chatting.

There is a glass works shop where you can actually blow your own glass.



This was quite a show.  Although I was too late to blow the glass.  We got to see how it’s done. It took about 5 people to work on this piece which turned out to be a platter/bowl.  It was neat how they transferred it from the stick to the table to roll it around and into the oven and then blast it with the torch.  It was quite a process.  The pieces ranged anywhere from $25 and up.  They had bowls, orbs, jewelry, platters, vases and flowers.  Really nice stuff.


Our last stop was the winery.  It was nice, not as nice as Fredericksburg, but nice!


An interesting fact about this winery is that they name all of their wines after Texas animals. We got the Diamond Back.  A wine tasting was 5 pours for $5!  They only had reds opened. You could sit on the porch and enjoy a glass.  We opted to purchase and go back to Round Rock where we completed our weekend with dinner at a local Mexican restaurant that actually had karaoke!  Fun times!!!!


Girls Weekend Salado TX

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