Bayou City – The Tranquility and Fury of Water

There is a reason they call Houston the Bayou City.  There are lots of bayous/creeks and Buffalo Bayou goes through the heart of the city.  I’ve always been drawn to the tranquility of water.  More so the emerald green clear kind, however here muddy water will have to do!   This past week people here saw more water than they cared to, with damaged homes (in the thousands) from floods and some lives lost on flooded roads, it is a sad situation for some.  When the floods recede, nature will again be balanced. There is an appreciation for water and fear of it.

Most of the time I have an appreciation for water and want to be near it.  There is a new subdivision near me called Towne Lake.  The “lake” was developed by digging into a spring.  It’s a 300 acre recreational lake about 6-8 feet deep and murky.  We considered living there, because you can have a boat and ski!  But I’m glad we chose not too.  It is expensive.   Still, I’ve always wanted to experience this particular recreational lake.   We have a kayak after all.  However, the lake is private.  There are still ways to experience the lake.  They built a boardwalk and it’s not even full yet.  So far they have a couple of restaurants, a coffee shop, a couple of medical facilities and a massage place.  I’m sure they will sell out the spaces and this will become a great spot for entertainment.

This past week the family went to Sam’s Boat which is a bar and grille type place selling seafood and burgers.  It’s new so the food is so so, and the atmosphere rocks!  So I suggested the girls’ get together and check it out for our monthly get together.  It’s a good excuse to dip your toes in the water.  I didn’t see any boats pulled into the slips however I’m sure in the summer there will be some.

They have a few events during the year and I signed up for the triathlon in the late summer.   I am super excited about this!  It’s on my birthday and should be fun with enough of a challenge. The “Sprint Distance” is a four hundred meter swim followed by a 12 mile bike ride and a 3 mile run.  I think I’m doing it by myself, however it’s not like you really stick with a buddy during a race.  So I will get to experience this lake for sure!  I guess my training will include biking over to the lake and riding around it.  After all, you need to train to make sure 12 miles is doable.  I plan to do the bike part on a mountain bike that I got forever ago.  It’s a Cannondale, and they don’t make them anymore.  It’s super light weight frame is made of aluminum.

We both work and I don’t know how there are so many people that can afford houses in this neighborhood.  Most of them are $500K and above.  And  in Texas, housing is pretty inexpensive when compared with the rest of the nation.  I’m really happy with where we are!  There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy water in Texas.  And I plan to blog about the very cool places in the up coming summer!

And for now, to get my kayak fix in, I will setup a trip on the Buffalo Bayou.  Bayou City Adventures has guided tours, so it’s safe an enjoyable.  Will definitely do that again.



Bayou City – The Tranquility and Fury of Water

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