Cyclist-Road Warrior

It’s not surprising to know that Texas is great for cycling, especially around Houston because it is so flat!  One of the biggest cycling events is the MS150 between Houston and Austin.  When I first moved here I was into cycling and I thought, I want to do the MS150!  What a daunting feat!  Now I have been here for a while and am probably in better condition older than I was then.  So don’t ever think age can hold you back.  I think I might want to do the MS150 next year.  We will see!

I haven’t been cycling for quite a while.  This week I decided to try out my bike to start training for the triathlon in September.  Good thing too because I have some challenges!  I have a really old Cannondale mountain bike which is special to me because it is made out of aluminum and is super light weight, that is what I love about it.  I keep struggling with the tire inner tube and took it to Tri-Sports.  They adjusted the tube and filled it with air and warned me that the tires probably need to be changed because they are starting to dry rot (I have had this bike forever).  They are going to get back to me on whether or not I can have road tires on that bike.  Anyway, sure enough as I found my way to my favorite subdivision (the one with the recreational lake) my tube blew through the tire and then quickly popped and I had a flat.  Another issue is that my brakes hit the frame and are not aligned.  A mountain bike is probably not the best choice for a race.  (Not that I’m really thinking I’m going to win my age group).  When I went to this shop I noticed they sell road bikes.  I saw a Fuji bike that is a light weight road bike that wouldn’t break the bank and now I’m really curious if I should spend the money for a good bike for this upcoming race and commit to the MS150.

I also wanted to try out a Mother’s day gift with cycling.  I got a Polar fitness wearable.  And have found some interesting things with it.  First of all, not all exercise is the same (Of course!!!)  I do Pilates, jogging and tennis regularly.  I highly suggest everyone find some fitness activity that they enjoy …it is essential!!  Not only for the physical benefits, but for mental as well.  So for me, tennis is the one activity that I absolutely love.  It just doesn’t feel like exercise, yet I’ve noticed, with proof of the wearable, that it is the most beneficial exercise I do.  You get in the anaerobic zone because you are constantly sprinting then stop then sprint again.  I tracked exercising with Pilates, bike riding, running and tennis and found I can burn:

600 calories easily in 1.5 hours with tennis

200 calories with Pilates in 1 hour

330 calories in 40 minutes of bike riding

200 calories 30 minutes of jogging

The other thing to note is that your heart rate with tennis goes higher than it does with any of the other activities.  Did I mention tennis is my favorite??

I have yet to try the measurement on the tracker with swimming, which I really wanted to do this week, just didn’t have time.

So I’m trying to convince hubby that a new bike is NECESSARY!!!  And he can ride it with me if he wants to try cycling…LOL!  I think we still need a mountain bike which can work on the road.  I would continue to ride the mountain bike if he would at least try cycling with a good new road bike.  When I went to the crawfish tournament in Louisiana at the hotel there was a cycling group staying there.  They would ride about 60 miles a day.  I noticed that there were older people (couples) participating.  How cool is that?  The couple I talked to was from Missouri.  They are retired and spend time traveling to different places and ride bikes.  Yeah!


Cyclist-Road Warrior

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