Party Get your Grill On

New businesses that pop up in suburbia never cease to amaze me.  They go like this, you get an invitation from a friend for a party.  I have been to Pampered Chef (cookware) and Thirty One (totes and bags) to name a few.  The party is a get together with friends with the goal of selling something for whomever convinced the friend to host the party.  And usually there is a benefit to the hostess in the form of free or a reduction in price of product.  This week I went to a Wild Tree party.  The idea is that you will have 10 meals for the family pre-prepped and ready to cook.  Most parties I go to do not have a commitment to buy anything.  This one has a pretty steep price just to go ($80) and what you get for that is six seasoning/sauces/oils and the recipe instructions.  I think that is pretty steep.  I’m game to try something new.    I’m a bit of a short order cook and I tend to go to the grocery store every day with no idea usually what I’m making for dinner.  So the thought that I can actually prepare ahead of time and have everything ready to go sounded appealing.  Of course if you have picky eaters, then a preset meal plan by someone else may pose a problem.  For me I don’t care.  It’s food right?  And it’s not like I’m trying to make it terrible.  Hey maybe the family will actually like to try some different things.  Most of the dishes sound pretty normal.

Beef, chicken, ribs, shrimp and fish.  I think my family can at least try it.  And if they don’t like it, there is always cereal.   So if it’s a big hit, I don’t know what I will do for an encore!

The prep work was pretty tough for someone who goes to the grocery store every day buying small amounts.  (I could so be European in this respect so I have heard).  I actually went to the store 3 times to get all of the necessary ingredients which were mainly meat and some vegetables.  Then I had to cut them and put them in bags to take to the party.  That was easily an hour.  Once there, we added spices/sauces and or oils and slapped a sticker to it.   That took a couple of hours.   I took it home and put it in the freezer.  Then I will take them out a day in advance and cook.  So I like the fact that there is no question to what is for dinner and everybody gets the same thing.  So yippee…nice to step outside of the box and try something new.

I hope the money spent is worth it.  I probably spent a couple of hundred dollars on the food, and for two weeks that is probably not bad.  Adding the additional $80 then eh, I don’t know.  There is so much meat for meals for my family I think I can even stretch it out a little further (maybe double).  Now that everything is in the freezer in individual bags that might be harder.  I’m happy to have this problem, believe me.

Wild Tree has a website and a catalog.  And the lady who was running the party made some appetizers with some of the stuff from the catalog so that you could try it.  There were mainly dips, and I really loved these avocado “fries”.   Their ingredients are all organic.  It’s not that I really care about that.  I try to pick foods that are identifiable which I think is good and then I make the assumption that crops probably need some kind of treatment to keep bugs off them and animals need to be healthy.  I’m really hoping that the treatments for both of these issues are safe for humans.  I tend to eat more fish than any other meat.

Anyway, we have a nice grill and I can’t wait to have a reason to use it.  It’s a nice way to take care of the fam!  ❤



Party Get your Grill On

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