Summer turns me upside down…in Texas

Summer officially begins June 20th according to the solstice dates, but that is not how people in Texas determine the start of summer.  The start of summer is recognized here by school ending, the community pools opening, the weather turning warm and humid and for me…the crepe myrtles blooming (my favorite summer tree).  Summer is here! And summer is long!  It stays hot all of the way  through the end of September, but somewhere around then you feel the change to fall.  You just won’t see the leaves change until December.

Now to hit the things to do that are perfect for summer in Texas!  So what does one do in Texas during the summer?  For sure you need to hit a body of water.  Being the water lover that I am, I am a bit of a connoisseur of water activities in Texas.  There is always room to expand the knowledge!  The beaches, while abundant are not my first choice.  Galveston our little island, has plenty to do, however if you are from Florida, you tend to be spoiled by clear water and that is not what we have here ….anywhere from Galveston, to Port Aransas, to South Padre.   These are all really popular places to go to the beach and are fun, just if you really, really like being in the water, you might want to be able to see your toes and open your eyes under water and you can’t do that here.    Some of the lakes are kind of the same thing, murky but not all lakes in Texas!!!  Austin has some of the most amazing places for water activities.  Barton Springs is a clear spring and SUPER cold!  Like 68-70 degrees year round!  Ok, for me that is cold, water temperature to me needs to be like bath water.  Tubing is really fun also.  Places like the Comal River or the Guadeloupe River between San Antonio and Austin are a must!!   It’s super relaxing to float peacefully down the river on a hot summer day in clear water!   And a stop by the town of Gruene is a must too.  It’s one of my favorite Texas towns.  The Grist Mill restaurant in Gruene is perched on a hill overlooking the Comal River and the tubers.  It’s amazing in the summer and the winter.  It’s so open that you are either really hot or really cold.  So it’s fans or the big Texas fireplace to help balance the temperature.  And their steak is nothing short of awesomeness.

So I booked my July reservations for Hamilton Pool and Jacobs Well (It’s by reservation only now) near Austin.  Both are in state parks and are natural clear water bodies.  Both are similar, Hamilton Pool is described as “A scenic natural swimming pool in a canyon below a 50-ft waterfall, surrounded by a grotto”.  Oh heck yeah, need to go there!  It’s hard to get commitment from others, I just booked it anyway. (If you book it they will go? … we’ll see)

Tubing down the Comal River…


Port A…

port a

Can’t wait to share new adventures of places to go in Texas!

Summer turns me upside down…in Texas

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