Wildtree – Get your grill on results…

What I liked about the Wildtree Get Your Grill On Work shop the most was the fact that I had 2 full chicken“work” weeks of meals planned for the family.  They were easy to prep.  It took me a little getting used to pulling the meal out of the freezer, but I caught on quick.  The family enjoyed rating the meals.  I’m like really?  It seemed a little too easy for them to sit back and rate them when I did all of the work.  I’m glad they enjoyed it!  I didn’t get pictures of everything, but I will share some feedback.

Meal 1: Asian chicken skewers.  They rated it a 7, however of all the meals my family said it was on the bland side.  The reason is probably because they wouldn’t eat the peppers with it!  I served rice with it.

Meal 2: Steaks with the blue cheese “crown”.  The steaks themselves got an 8.  However I think they scraped the crown off.  I’m not sure why that didn’t work out.  My crowns looked weird (maybe it was me?).  I didn’t get a picture of that one.

Meal 3: was the Herb grilled shrimp skewers with angel hair pasta.  This was so simple to make and it got a 7. shrimp

Meal 4: Rodeo blue cheese burgers.  Now, my husband says no burger gets higher than a 7 and this was a 6.7, so isn’t that almost a 10?  I would think it is.  Didn’t get the pic.

Meal 5: Agave BBQ ribs.  I have to say. This was the best.   The ribs fell off the bone.  I cooked them in the crock pot all day and then transferred them to the grill and basted them with the sauce to give it that sticky texture.  It was so important to get exactly the ribsmeat specified, country ribs.  I had a little bone on mine.   We served it with beans and potato salad.  Yumm.
Meal 6: Rodeo chicken.  This was my favorite chicken.  The first night we served it with potatoes lyonnaise.  Then out of the left overs, I made a chicken bacon wrap that was very good.  Wish I took the pic.

Meal 7: Asian beef tips.  Now this was down right yummy.  I used stew meat, so I basted the meat with the sauce on the grill and then added the extra sauce (from the jar) as dipping sauce.  Stew meat is a little on the chewy side.  Superb! beef tips

Meal 8: Herb grilled chicken with fire roasted veggies.  So I skewered this.  I don’t know what it is with me but I like skewering the meat. I added cherry tomatoes because they make it pretty 😉  I served it with pasta.  The meat had really good flavor.  With the final two meals I need to make modifications.


Meal 9: Turkey sliders..change up.  Ground turkey needs A LOT of seasoning to taste good.  I made empanadas instead of the sliders and added Sofrito sauce and potatoes.  It’s work but I think it’s worth it.turkey

Meal 10, grilled fish. My family doesn’t like grilled fish.  With that in mind, I’ve learned where to draw the line on forcing the issue.  I am going to use the fish (catfish) that I seasoned and make some of the fish blackened and the rest fried.

I like the idea of improvising.  Meats are versatile.  I accomplished getting my grill on, having meals prepped and tried a few new things.

Wildtree – Get your grill on results…

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