Active weekends in Texas

Well this adventure of training for the upcoming triathlon has opened my eyes of things to do for leisure and a great way to see Texas!

So in doing research  for a road bike that would work for both a triathlon and the MS150 I discovered cycling groups.  Tru-Tri sports sells things related to triathlons and has a group of people that meet up for that, however they didn’t carry the only bike brand I know, Cannondale.  In searching for a Cannondale shop, I was pleasantly surprised!  There is one close by and they have a cycle group.   You can do women’s only and mixed cycling.  The family is not exactly thrilled with me doing another activity, but it would be great if they participated too.  The group plans rides and they even have a trailer to transport your bike. June rides include Waxahachie, Italy, Dublin, Gatesville, Fayetteveille, and Graham TX. All new places for me.   Joining a cycling group has some benefits for race training as well. They teach how to ride in a group and “Time Trial Training”.  (which is just a way to get stronger  at cycling)

So for being a novice at triathlon training, I decided to make sure I practice all 12 weeks prior to the race.  What better way to keep fit for the summer?  Next, I figure a point of reference for my age group for race times in each of the categories would be good to know.  I looked it up and found one lady I know is about my age and finished last year with a

1/4 mile swim: 15 min

12 mile bike: 36 min

3 mile run: 31 min

overall 1hr and 27min she was 4th.  

Number 1 had a time of 1hr and 10min.   My friend’s time will be work to achieve and the #1 placer has a swim and run time that I feel after running for years is not realistic for me.  At this point I am not going to be a professional athlete. I want to push myself but I don’t see the point of pushing too far.

The 1/4 mile swim, I discovered, in our community pool is 18 laps!!!  That is a lot!  I’ve played around with this after a few times and have found a swim cap is necessary to get the hair out of the way. Next goggles…really helps!!!  And finally recognizing that you don’t have to swim free style.  Of course it’s faster, however I just can’t get the breathing cadence.  So maybe by the end of the 12 weeks that will happen.  For now, my first try was 12 min 30 seconds with a lot of breast stroke!  The swim won’t be in a pool, fortunately that doesn’t bother me 😉


I purchased a Sigma bike odometer ($19) to see how fast I go. It was really interesting installing it and setting the measurements for accuracy.  My current Cannondale mountain bike with road tires tops out at 18 mph, pushing it on average is more like 16mph.  A new bike will help me about 7 minutes over 12 miles.  So I guess it’s not completely necessary. However, I discovered it is quite overwhelming the difference in price and manufacturer options.   How do you tell the difference between a $5K bike and a $500 bike? Which brand is better? I will say if you have a brand that you like, why not stick with it?  And it can’t hurt that if the local bike shop carries it, they probably work on them too.  And if you don’t know enough about the components that make it pricey, you probably don’t need to spend extra money on it!  So with that said, I got a lesson on some basic features and got fitted.  Here is the one I’m considering…It’s not a triathlon bike, however it will do fine and is great if I get into cycling on road trips.  I can see that happening!  Cycling is a great cardio no impact activity! Nice on your joints!



Active weekends in Texas

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