Nacogdoches Blueberry Festival

How can you pass up a weekend with your daughter who wants to venture to a small Texas town to partake in a blueberry festival?    This young adult really planned well!  I didn’t realize that Nacogdoches is home to Stephen F. Austin State University!    It’s just under a three hour drive from Houston.  We stayed in a well maintained, up to date Super 8…who would have thought?  I mean the hotel was extremely clean, staff friendly, cheap and close!   After checking in we decided to check out the town.  She Yelps everything so she found this really awesome restaurant called Macklemore’s “MaKs” that specializes in fried mac in cheese balls.  I don’t particularly like that kind of thing, but I tried it and it was pretty good.  I really love the rustic style building.  It was very nice inside.  There are lots of college students (even in the summer) working around the town.



After dinner we scoped out Main Street.  Nacogdoches is purported as the oldest town in Texas.  The streets were blocked off in preparation for the festival.  It was eerily vacant.  A bluegrass concert was playing in the park adjacent to Main street.  So we walked over there to see people in lawn chairs listening to the music.  Plenty of people exchanged a pleasant “Howdy”!

We decided to get up bright and early to make sure we would be able to have blueberry pancakes and get a shuttle ride for blueberry picking (the only way you are allowed into the farm) .  I’m such an early riser and most young adults I would guess are not!  It’s true what they say though about the early bird!  We were able to get pancakes and get a slot for a 9am shuttle ride.

The ride was short and the farm was so cool (basically in the woods/forest)!  The blueberries are on bushes that are at least a couple of feet over my head.  We got there just as it turned warm.  Blueberry picking is nice because the bushes have no thorns!  Why is it that blackberry bushes have thorns?   We spent about 40 minutes picking and then you weigh your berries and on the honor system pay for them.  We picked 3lbs for $8!  While you are picking you hear conversations and meet other people.  I talked to a couple that retired nearby in Texas from Wisconsin.   And sat on the shuttle next to someone who seemed like a super smart Leonard from Big Bang Theory.



blueberryfieldsWe went back to the town and had some catfish and shrimp (It was called Clear Spring and it sat next to a creek that was definitely clear) for lunch that was AWESOME!!!  We browsed around at some of the antique and clothing shops.  I thought it was so cool that my daughter picked up some conversations with the student helpers to find out what they were studying and what they thought about living in Nacogdoches.  There were kids from out of state and some from bigger Texas cities.  They all said there was not much to do in the town for leisure.  It pretty much sealed the deal for my daughter to confirm she is more of an urbanite.

On the way back we stopped in another tiny town (Corrigan) and picked up a watermelon and a Mexican folk art flying pig.  On the side of the road in the old abandoned gas station where the farm produce was sold, we were quizzing the lady about where the produce was grown and she was struggling with our questions.  We thought she might be reselling produce from the local super market…funny!   ❤  …perfect!







Nacogdoches Blueberry Festival

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