Tribute to Dad

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dad’s today!  I’m grateful that I am spending time with my father this Father’s day.  We are separated by distance but we keep in touch quite often. My father is an amazing person.  He has been my mother’s care giver for years.  I rarely see that kind of dedication.  Coming from an era where women had specific jobs and men had different ones within a household, he adapted to doing double duty and has dedicated his life to the care of my mother with little complaint.  He is quite an amazing cook too!  I admire his loyality and  comittment to marriage.  He is one person you can count on and when he gives you his word, he will absolutely follow through.  And he has always been a positive person, this is tough to keep up in the face of the constant crisis of my mother’s medical emergencies.  And he is completely unselfish.

Not being near to help him out is hard.  I completely understand why he doesn’t want to leave Florida.  He has always wanted to live in the carribean and south Florida is about as close as you can get when you need to be nearby good medical care.  He loves sports (football) and contributes to and supports the university.  His challenge is to do the things he likes with my mother’s need for handicap accomodations.  Your world really changes when you need to incorporate planning a day with the handicapped.  The sacrifice in giving up his love for travel and adventure is sad, however when you want to do things with your partner and your partner isn’t able to do it, it is a matter of acceptance.  He is very appreciative for getting out there and doing as much as he could with my mom when they were able.  It completely makes sense to have dreams of winning the lottery to get a custom van to accomodate restroom breaks so you can travel!  That and using the money to invest in a robot company that can help with chores and transfers!

I am very fortunate to have my dad!  So here is to my dad…

F-un loving

A-lien believer

T-echnology lover

H-ighly intelligent

E-nthusiast of football

R-ole model

For father’s day I wrapped the gifts that he bought himself…funny!  He wanted some cooking pans.  I’m not so great with coming up with gift ideas, however I am definitely an act of service kind of person.  I would love to paint, clean, or do an electrical or plumbing project for a person any day. So this father’s day I will be installing a small lighting system for the office.  And we are having dinner at one of my dad’s favorite restaurants … Prime Catch! ❤


fathers day


Tribute to Dad

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