When a Texan plans a vacation away from Texas

This week I’m short on Texas topics because the last week was spent out of the state and now we are planning for another trip out of state.  This time to Cali!    It’s exciting!  I’ve always wanted to go to Cali.  This will be our first time to Los Angeles and the immediate fam is going!

Part of the fun is to plan the adventure!  In our small circle we have some very diverse interests.  My husband loves history, movies and sports.  My son loves sports!!!  And my daughter loves shoping and the boehemian/hipster/hippie vibe.  And I love nature (beaches, mountain hiking, anything active and outdoors).  So this makes it a bit of a challenge.  The entire trip was planned based on an invite to DreamWorks for my son who is interested in filming and editing.  I am so glad we are able to take the opportunity to be able to 1. go and 2. incorporate that invite into a family vacation.  We are going to squeeze a lot into a 3 night stay. (basically a long weekend).  It’s tough to line up schedules even for that.

It’s good that we are ok with splitting up.  My husband and son are going to DreamWorks and will probably fit in Hollywood before going to the Dodgers game.  So we are going to stay in Burbank for one night.   My daughter and I are going to visit Hollywood and Beverly Hills before heading out to Malibu and then onto Venice beach where we will all meet up again for a stay on the beach.  We still don’t have the itinerary completely planned.  We do know where we are staying and have booked travel.  So far so good!  My daughter is going to map out some places to eat which she really enjoys doing.

Despite my father’s warning of staying in non chain hotels, we are staying at two boutique hotels.  I like the chain hotels ok, but every once in a while it’s really cool to stay somewhere different.  I do rely on tripadvisor for advice and participate in providing feedback as well.  If it weren’t for the internet and these types of websites, how would you ever never know about some truly fantasic experiences?   The Burbank hotel was recommended by someone local and I checked it out on the same websites to be sure it was the one.   Googlemaps is really helpful too!  You can see how far everything is (with traffic) and can drop in on the street to check out what it looks like in the neighborhood before ever going!

I’m a bit of a planner.  This is so you can at least hit all of the places that are a must.  It’s good to leave some free time for spontaneity, however when I go on vacation it’s go, go, go!  There is not a moment to be missed!  As long as you incorporate breaks for rest and something that will be interesting to everyone, it should work out.




When a Texan plans a vacation away from Texas

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