Galveston Island Family Trip

Galveston Island is a barrier Island about an hour from Houston.  There is a lot of history there and things to do.  This year we planned a family weekend get away at a beach house. You can rent a beach house through popular websites like Home Away or VRBO.   galveston surf

The water sadly is very brown.  Like river brown.  The surf is pretty decent for surfing though.  In fact the day we went surfing, the shop said the conditions were “dangerous”.   You had to be strong to swim out and easily could get rolled and swept under your board and hit in the head with it.  Fortunately the bottom is sandy. I made a point to be in front of a lifeguard!  My niece and nephew said they were stepping on live things, however I didn’t experience that.  My nephew got up pretty quickly …he is a natural!

We spent some time at Pleasure Pier.  Another place with history.  The original one stood in the same location from 1943 until 1961 when it was destroyed by a hurricane.  Then there was a hotel on the pier, it was the Flagship hotel that opened in 1965 and was wiped out in 2008 by another hurricane.  In 2012 the new Pleasure Pier opened.  It’s really nice because it’s new.  There are about 16 different rides, games pleasure pierand food.  My most death defying adventure is when my sister-in-law convinced me to ride the Texas Star Flyer.  It goes 250 feet up and spins up and down.  Needless to say it was scary!  I got to sit next to my niece who was not even phased by the fact that we were flying around on swings that high up and she pointed out the many dolphin families she saw while I attempted to calmly tell myself that all was ok and to breathe!  The family enjoyed the carousel, water flume,  roller coaster and the ferris wheel.pleasure pier2  Some had lunch at Bubba Gump.

We went back to the house before an evening on the Strand.   The beach at the house is called Sunny Beach, it has beach access and you can drive on it.  Many people got stuck and had to be pushed out by friendly beach goers.  There were quite a lot of people there.

Our plan for the evening was to eat at Willie G’s on the Harbor side, walk the Strand and go to a haunted house .  A party of 10 was really difficult to seat at 7PM so we ended up waiting just about 1 and 1/2 hours.  We made the best of it and enjoyed the scenery and the shops on the Strand.  The buildings are very old and the street has some cobble stone and is lined with gas lights.  Willie G’s food is worth the wait. They have very good seafood!  Galveston has great redfish!

We wrapped up the evening with a dash to the haunted house and had quite an adventure finding the place and laughing through the experience!

Overall the house was really decorated well, clean and appointed with the things you need.  We brought some snacks and the family played games (Jenga and Chess).  We had some good conversation and got to do some much needed catching up!   The kids really love being with the grand parents and their cousins…it’s always something we look forward to! I’m very blessed to have a family that is really comfortable to be around!  ❤

Galveston Island Family Trip

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