Texas Eats and Fun with Colons

This weekend was to be the weekend to go to Hamilton Pool.  But instead….We had fun with colons.  What is that saying?? When life gives you lemons…  So I had my reservation and everything and Hamilton Pool is now completely booked for all weekends now till school starts. This is why it totally sucks to have to make reservations somewhere so far in advance because life happens.  This weekend also happens to be the best weekend to do a colonoscopy, not for me, but for my daughter who is having some issues.   We really know how to party around here. We got up at 3AM and did Suprep shots and played games.  All of that partying really got to her and she was sick…so we have some competition around here too… My daughter was really happy about having a cleaner colon than mine.  You win girl! Anyway, all kidding aside.  We really have great health care around here.  That is one thing you can say about living in Houston.  I spent about 3 hours in an outpatient surgery center that has a nicer lobby than home!

So we stuck around home which is not so bad, believe me.  And this week twice we visited Angel’s Churros N Chocolate.  This is a really interesting Mexican fushion place.  Who would ever think to mix Japanese and Mexican?   So this place is a hipster place for sure! They have macaroons, and art on the wall, etc.  When I walked in I noticed all of the Japenese latterns.   angels

We went for the Churros and chocolate, but I got Mochi.  Mochi is a Japanese ice cream in a rice cake.  They have some really different flavors, plum wine, green tea….I stuck with chocolate (and was happy with my choice).

My son got the churros, on your first visit you get to try all of the sauces (peanut butter, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, dolce, and caramel).  They sell all kinds of coffee drinks too.  A churro is a Mexican donut.  They are long, about 12 inches in length.  And they have grooves on them.  It’s basically batter that is fried.  This is my son’s pic which doesn’t really do it justice!  They are good.  And the dipping sauce is awesome.


What can I say?  Food is awesome!  Especially veggies!  This weekend my daughter and I went to a Mexican restaurant Agguire’s Tex Mex that has quite an extensive vegetarian menu!  My favorite is spinach enchiladas!  And I had a vegetable taco (made with sweet potato, potato and cucumber)!  The enchiladas were red!  I looked up how they make that and learned it is with mild chili powder.  It looks pretty easy to make and the color is amazing!

Vegetable foods come out so pretty with all of the vibrant colors!  Tonight we had zuchini boats with brown rice and … you guessed it veggies!  They were so good!  Recipe on Pinterest!


Texas Eats and Fun with Colons

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