Not too Shabby Chic

This week my daughter, going through a personal transformation, decided she needed to change things up.  She really wanted to start with her immediate surroundings.  I admire the fact that when you are at the beginning of your life, you just change things and go with it, even though I can see it can be distressing.   I can also definitely say I’m happy to see the hippie decor go!  Yeah!   Bye bye!  Changing bedding, curtains and some decor can make a difference (as she says, change the vibe).

We spent a lot on furniture for the kids and that investment was to last until they leave home.  While my daughter is one year behind on that move, she will be ready next year. We went to a local craft store that has home decor, Hobby Lobby.  There my daughter was looking for cheap inspiration.  And there she found it.  She was picking up white things that reminded me of the shabby chic look.  I started to see her idea and thought that would look great!  So that piece of furniture that she hasn’t been crazy about for years, now has a new vision.  It’s going from a light pinkish wood stain with floral details to white and the knobs will be replaced with acrylic.


On with a project!  This time, she will be painting and I will help!  A quick turn to the oracle…Google and YouTube,  and now we know what we need to create the shabby chic effect.  The key ingredient is white chalk paint, more like off white/vanilla, some sand paper and wax.  I was happy to find the supplies in Home Depot, we got lucky and got the last two cans.  I was a little surprised that they only sold it in about a quart size…seemed small.  But when you apply with a brush, the paint lasts.   And as it turns out for the dresser project I only needed one can.   You have to do two coats to cover it and the cool thing about shabby chic is that you really can’t make errors!  It’s suppose to look imperfect!  I was a little concerned that the brush made lines in the paint, however you sand the chalk paint and then sand harder in areas to make the wood show through (that’s the distressing).  So here we have a part of life she is going through that is distressing and we distressed her furniture. She probably doesn’t get the irony in that!


When this weekend started, I had no idea that we would be doing a room change and painting a piece of furniture.  Needless to say it was an extremly busy, fun and rewarding weekend!


We distressed the drawers and haven’t finished the rest, but here is a preview of the almost finished….


That was a pretty satisfying project.  The cost to change a room, about $300. That is pretty expensive.  We got the bedding, a throw, some decor, the painting supplies and the knobs. It’s still cheaper than purchasing new furniture.  I might have been able to shop online for cheaper, however the need for change was immediate and we were able to make that happen.  Painting makes me happy!   There is another piece of furniture in her room that needs to change and the perfect place to make that happen is Round Top!  (Mentioned in a previous post)  Looks like I will need to make that trip in October!  Currently she has a chest from the 60s but I just don’t see applying the shabby chic effect to it.

Not too Shabby Chic

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