When a Texan goes to Los Angeles

The first thing we noticed was the traffic ! Holly hell!!!!  The weather is really mild . I thought it was cold ! Definitely need to pack a jacket for 70 degree weather (it does drop in the 60s). We stayed in Burbank which is near Hollywood and Griffith observatory .  We visited the observatory at night and got a spectacular view of the city . We waited a while for parking and didn’t have much time there because it closes at 10pm. There were long lines to view out of the telescope , but the building was nice and again the view was amazing!


I would love to go back during the day ! They say it’s one of the best places to view the iconic Hollywood sign . By the way, a local said the sign originally said Hollywood Land until “land” fell off the mountain. And it lit up ! Not anymore though . The city doesn’t want to pay for it and the residents beneath it don’t want the lights shining in their homes .

It was not easy to get a good view of the sign , but we did manage to get one on the observation deck of the Hollywood highland shopping center .


We knew the Hollywood walk of fame is right at this location .  I wanted to see Marilyn Monroe’s star . (Checked on the internet ahead of time to know it is in front of the McDonalds across the street from the shopping center) . We avoided the many characters who try to take pics with you for cash and found it interesting that you can cross an intersection diagonally.


We made a quick trip to Beverly Hills just to see it ! Lots of high end shops were there and people walking their cute dogs ! We could afford some coffee 🙂

We made reservations for a late lunch at Nobu in Malibu. What a pretty drive that is on the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH)! Nobu is a place where some of the stars go and it is right on the ocean …spectacularly beautiful !!


We went shopping at the market in Malibu another spot where you might spot a celebrity…we found …cute clothes !!

We took that beautiful scenic drive to Santa Monica where we checked into the hotel and headed to the pier (on bikes ) to ride the rides and watch the sunset .


The next day I was really excited to ride the beach bike path to Venice beach !  I am an early riser and no one would get up so off I went . I’m happy we chose not to stay in Venice . I had a hotel picked out on the beach , however at the last minute I read reviews that the area had a lot of homeless people and drug use so we decided against it . Good choice ! In the morning it was sad to see . There is such a contrast of people exercising and people sleeping and waking up angry . You can see despair on their faces . We returned during the day and it was lively and better. There were lots of cheap things , music and it seemed almost like a vibe mixture of hippie and medieval .


We went to the 3rd street promenade and had dinner at Del Friscos .  Overall , I loved the area! There is just too many people /too much traffic !!  The best part is the healthy outdoor activities and healthy food options !   I love that part of the lifestyle …image

When a Texan goes to Los Angeles

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