Cha cha cha changes

Well sometimes you have a bad week.  I find that hard to say thinking of all the blessing I truly have. How bad can it be?  Truly you do make it what it is to some extent, however extenuating circumstances sometimes are too great to ignore and infringe on your happiness.  And whether it’s work, your personal life or both, it just seems to pile on.

What keeps me centered is focusing on my spirituality and the many blessing I do have.  I know that even when things seem grim, there is probably something happening that needs to even though I don’t know what it is.

Summer is ending even though it is still very hot and will be for at least another month and a half.   School starts in a week, so for the people with kids this marks a big change in the year.  It’s almost like a season.  I’m one of those people that doesn’t like to let go of one season and start another one.  Maybe it’s because of the fear of change or the unknown.  When you are familar with the flow of things, it’s comforting.  And now we get to shake that up again.  Which to me is unsettling, although it could be great.  Who knows?

Some of the wisdom I have gained is that you make your own path.  Do not rely on others for your happiness or you will be disappointed.   Seek people that don’t bring you down. Learning what is toxic for you is important.  Don’t be afraid to be by yourself and when you are by yourself, hopefully you are happy with your company…if not get there.  Don’t compare yourself to others.  Past is past, everyday is a new opportunity to make a change and move on.  Without past experiences, we wouldn’t have learned whatever lesson it was that we learned.  Poor decisions and failures are growth opportunities and are necessary.

It also helps to have an escape, something that is healthy and soothing.  For me, that is the running, biking, tennis and pilates.  For that one hour, I can focus on feeling good.

So that’s it.  This week will hopefully be better.








Cha cha cha changes

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