When the rain won’t go away…”listen”

The weekends are a time to recharge!  So what do you do when it rains and rains and rains? I had this great plan to go bike riding on Buffalo Bayou, of course for adventure, change of scenery and to hopefully inspire others to get out there!   I happened to catch that there is new public art displayed on the trail and thought it would be fun to find the words Explore, Pause, Reflect, Listen, Emerge, and Observe.  It’s a great mindfulness exercise and being present, which someone in my company could enjoy.   The plans changed constantly in an attempt to get out in a dry moment.   For $9 you can rent a bike at the trail for an hour which is a good amount of time to spend on the bike trail.   We only found three of the words, but the word I found “spoke” to me…


To listen does not necessarily mean only words or sounds.  Today, I felt as though I needed to listen in a different way.  Sometimes things happen and you have to listen.  My plans changed a lot today.  I did listen and for whatever reason the time that we went was the time that was meant to be.  We took a tour that I never would have thought to take to the cistern that once supplied water for the city of Houston. It was built in 1926 and provided 15 million gallons of water to the city, it was decommissioned in 2007.  Even on the Buffalo Bayou’s own website the information about why it was decommissioned differs from what the tour guide said.  (which is kind of an important lesson).  The site says there was an irreparable leak which you can interpret the leak was the cause for discontinuing use. However, I do recall, that the city was sinking because of the use of the underground water, a change was made to use the water from Lake Houston, Lake Conroe and Lake Livingston all lakes created by dams and the lakes now supply the city with water.  Water is so important for life and it fascinates me!


To me this looks like something out of a Harry Potter movie…looks like a horcrux hiding place!

Downtown offers great restaurants and shopping.  My daughter likes the trendy vintage places in Montrose…”hipster” and she got some cute outfits.  I enjoyed the graffiti!.


What do you “hear” when you really listen?

When the rain won’t go away…”listen”

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