So here I am.  Finished the Tri.  Looking to do the MS150 Bike ride.  Playing tennis. Working and living life.  It’s amazing what life can throw your way.  Now that I have achieved my new age, I have achieved some wisdom.  Let’s just say as you get older, you do get wiser.   This week has been an abundance of dealing with issues. Mostly work.  So grateful for tennis.  Even though it is a stress relief, it can be stressful as well if you focus on trying to win more than loose.  I feel like I’m so active yet, and unable to achieve my goal of winning more than loosing.  Still, every day that you can play is an awesome day!

Isn’t it funny how life is a balance of things that are great and things that are not so great. Here we are dealing with it.  So this week was about plugging holes.  I’m grateful for the holes that were plugged and still trekking on getting the other ones plugged.  I will never forget an engineer’s words to me.  My job is to solve issues, so if I didn’t have an issue to resolve, I wouldn’t have a job.  To me I hate issues.  I really need to adapt the mindset.

So today is the day that my daughter wrecked the car.  Wow, what a difference of where I was when I was younger to now.  I can immediately pickup and determine what to do without emotion (helps when no one is injured).  More holes to plug.  Now we need to figure out how to get a car repaired and another child driving with no car.

I relate all of this to my game.  Whatever it is for anyone, you have to stay focused.  And never give up. This week there are several people that have helped with focus.  A really good friend said her game has gotten better because she has read a book on confidence.  A coach told me, write down two things and focus on that during your match.  (The latter didn’t help me win today at practice, however, I think it’s more to do with exhaustion).  It is just as important to prepare yourself with recovery.

Many of us our unforgiving of ourselves.  Mistakes happen, and from them we can learn. Being critical of yourself isn’t helpful either.  So where is the balance with the goal you want to achieve and where you are?

I downloaded some pictures from my tri.  My first thought is wow, why don’t they get my good side?  I mean, I can take good pics.  But this one all I see is a stomach.  And I work so hard!!!!!

Bayou City Triathlon Series 2016 Towne Lake Triathlon
Bayou City Triathlon Series 2016 Towne Lake Triathlon

It’s superficial SO WHAT! This week I commented on someone’s post about a burn victim (she was severely burned during a marathon and got caught in a brush fire)  a person asked, what God would let that happen to her?  My thought.  We have no idea what is the big picture, her burns are superficial.  No telling how the new path she is heading towards changed her life.

My old neighbor also posted something that I TRULY believe in when I face my day:  To paraphrase, there is nothing that can happen to me today that you (GOD) and me can’t handle.  TRUTH!!!!

So whatever you are trying to achieve, however you want to look, just think, do you really know what is the big picture?  Think about it!

Every single day you can have a gratitude list!  There are so many things to be grateful for! I’m grateful for family and the ability to get out there and do and see!  So blessed!






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