Pumpkin Spice Fashionista

It is fall.  People are thrilled with the low 70s temperature this morning…It’s been hot around here.  We don’t have the pretty fall color yet, however stores are advertising pumpkin everything (cereal, snaps, cakes, coffee/creamer, even pumpkin kale!).  Looking for fall signs in south Texas is tough.  Maybe you notice the sun is slightly less intense.  It is beautiful outside and the lower humidity is refreshing!  With the outdoor landscape not screaming fall, we do have lots of pumpkin things around!  For sure if you go out, you will see retail telling you it’s fall.   You will definitely see something pumpkin.


My daughter wanted to go shopping this weekend.  What could be better than to grab a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte (they are abbreviating it this year for some reason so PSL for the cool people) and heading out to do some shopping?  Latte straight up is better, but we are going with the season.  We have a nice outdoor “outlet” mall.  They don’t necessarily sell things for cheaper, just like anywhere you have to hunt for the sales.  The experience at the outdoor mall is really nice when the weather is good!  They have plenty of shade and cover, it’s just so much nicer than the traditional indoor mall.  We went to Charlotte Russe and Pacsun.  In my opinion, Charlotte Russe is great for young people.  I love the store.  I know I’m already at that point where I probably need to be dressing for a different age.  However, I still like the clothes.  My daughter is really opinionated on what goes with what.  She does dress cute, so I listen to some of her suggestions.  I have not been shopping in a while and am due for a change.  With the holidays and some parties coming up, now is a great time!  My daughter suggested some over the knee boots with a dress I found.  I actually googled if people my age wear over the knee boots…lol!  It’s not like you really need the internet to give you the go ahead.  It was my curiosity that peaked there. One article said yep, go for it if you can.  Well I did!  Never before has anything like this been in my closet.  They sure are warm and different!  It’s hard to see, but they have a heal on them and they tie in the back, Target had these beauts. Dress from Pacsun.


It was fun to go shopping in the evening for a change.  This was my night out!  The weekend hair appointment messed with the ability to change up the routine and plan something to go explore.  So shopping was the adventure.


Pumpkin Spice Fashionista

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