Texas Friendship

The people in Texas are generally very friendly!  I have to say when I moved here from South Florida, I was pleasantly surprised at just how friendly the people are here.  And the fact that we have cultural diversity makes it even more awesome!  There are so many opportunities to do things in Houston, it’s great!  This weekend we had the Italian festival in downtown Houston held at St. Thomas University.   There was also a Korean festival going on somewhere in town as well.  My husband met up with some friends to check out the Italian festival.  Not a bad way to spend a couple of hours on the weekend and the entry fee was $8.

I was really looking for an Octoberfest.  There are a lot of German settlements in Texas!!! However the the Italian festival was nice. It had music, food and some entertainment.  Arriving hungry is the best so you are ready to taste!  I tried the meatballs, and they did not disappoint.  With so many food choices, it was great that one of my husband’s friends is Italian.  She wanted Italian Ice which sounded good to me too.  There were so many flavors to choose from. She said that lemon or cherry is always a good choice and she was right!  The lemon was so refreshing!  It’s still 90 degrees in mid October!  I also tried some wine. I tried the Prosecco also at her recommendation.  It was a bubbly wine, not champagne and it was really good!  She cracked me up when mentioning that the people belting out tenor on stage are usually half drunk.  They sang Frank Sinatra type songs.  And That’s Amore a couple of times.

I stuck around to see the grape stomping.  This was interesting. Three people competed to stomp out enough grape juice to fill a pitcher in one minute time!


The street art was pretty cool too!  It looked like a school competed on this.

street art.JPG

In the evening I experienced my first wine tasting party , Wine Shop At Home.  This is the second event of at home “sales party” this year that I have attended, the first one was Wildtree (cooking meals).  We sampled 5 wines from their winery in California.  They don’t produce their own grapes, they obtain the grapes and make different wine blends.  And they are always changing them to make new wines.  It was nice to learn about the sight, smell and taste of wine.  And what type of cheese to pair it with.  I really can’t tell, whenever I drink wine if it tastes good, then I don’t care what I am eating with it.  Drinking wine will definitely stimulate the appetite, so I don’t think it really matters.   Their wines are about $20/per bottle and I think better than what I get at the grocery store so I bought a couple.  They also have a wine club so that you can get bottles delivered monthly. My friends are so much fun to be with, you  can’t go wrong with wine tasting and being together.  So enjoyable!

I just have to say that friendships are so important.  Meeting new people is a lot of fun, as well as getting together with the friends you have had for such a long time.  Nurturing those relationships are really worthwhile.  In Texas, making friendships is relatively easy and what a blessing that is!  I really look forward to meeting new people!  There are so many awesome people around!

Texas Friendship

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