Fall Gardening

The summer heat took a toll on some of our plants.  Knock out roses are so beautiful unless they are half dead!  This time of year the nursery is advertising 70% off.  These kind of sales are most likely a gimmick.  You know, they post a crazy price then with the “sale” you pay a decent price.  Who cares, the price is good right now for the little 3 gallon roses ($6/per plant).   Fall is a perfect time to plant!

Here is before and after pics.  It’s funny when you look at something and think, I’ll get that done in no time…no problem!  Then, you discover the plant really doesn’t want to go and it becomes a battle!  To remove 6 half alive mature knock out roses, it took at least 3 hours.



You can tell who is not meticulous about the lawn, by the weeds in the cracks.   There are some yards in the neighborhood that I really admire!  I do my own lawn.  It usually only takes about 45 minutes a week to maintain and it is enjoyable! My parents hated  yard work, and by contrast my aunt and uncle loved it!  Consequently, my aunt and uncle are outdoorsy people…and I love that vibe!

Most suburban Texas lawns are sod with St. Augustine grass.  Which is supposedly durable in standing up to the extreme heat and water conditions.  By the time summer is over, the lawn looks completely done!  With pest damage like chinch bugs, fungus, drought and sun damage the lawn looks pitiful.  This year we have web worms which produce some kind of moth and it really damaged the lawn.  Of course those lawns that I admire don’t seem to have this problem.  I wish I knew their secret!  So in looking into repairing St. Augustine, I thought seeds!  Seeds should be good, but no one sells St. Augustine seeds.  I’ve read St. Augustine seeds don’t really take and instead you need to patch the lawn with plugs of sod (or 2 foot squares).  If you’ve ever pulled up sod, you know this is a horrible way to spend time in your day. And, if you think fertilizing will do the trick, you might discover it only causes further damage to the lawn by burning it.  One other thought is to sprinkle bermuda seeds.  Bermuda is a different kind of grass, and in the summer the St. Augustine may crowd it out, but I’m pretty sure we tried that before and it wasn’t a good solution either.   This year, we are going to try grass paint.  Yep fake it till you make it.  I’m pretty sure that the lawn will go dormant and then when spring comes all will be better.   Sometimes to fix things you just need patience and time.



Fall Gardening

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