Halloween when you are not a kid anymore

My family has always enjoyed Halloween.  It’s a fun time of the year.  There are parties, decorations, dress up and food!   And it seems like the holidays come fast once Halloween hits.  Around here because of the large Hispanic influence, the Day of the Dead is also celebrated.  It begins on November 1st this year and ends on November 2nd.  It’s a celebration of people that have passed.  The pumpkin is most always associated with Halloween as it would seem a candy skull is associated with the Day of the Dead.  These skulls are either edible or decorative.  I picked up a flower arrangement today, and had two choices.  An arrangement with a spider or one with the decorative skull.  I thought about the spider, even though festive, may not be a great choice for the table because of my family’s sensitivity to bugs….I’m serious!  So sugar skull it is…


For some reason caramel apples have really sounded good lately.  I had a piece of one at a tennis match and now I am obsessed with the flavor.  You know what that means, yep on to Pinterest to find something cake, caramel and applely.   I found this punch cake recipe that is kind of cool in that it’s treated sort of like a tres leche (guess it’s cultural fusion this year!).   It’s a yellow cake mixed with apple pie filling and cinnamon.  You bake it then punch holes in and pour over a mixture of condensed milk and caramel topping.  Let that cool then sprinkle toffee pieces over it before layering cool whip and more toffee sprinkles.  It was good!  I’m going to serve it in little bite size squares in a cupcake wrapper.  (I’ve been around the tennis ladies enough to know they are not going to eat a whole piece).  Besides it’s so sweet that a bite is really enough.

I spent a Saturday with my daughter and really enjoyed it.  Running to appointments, then lunch in the Heights (inspired by the bike ride on Friday, the Onion Creek Cafe looked really cool… and it did not disappoint!)  then onto a search for a dress that will be incorporated into a Halloween costume for work.  She is going to be Eleven from the show Stranger Things.  I had never heard of this show, but definitely want to watch it now on Netflix.  Anyway, she found a dress online that was available in the store Forever 21 then she was going to make a Peter Pan collar.  Again more new things to me!  I helped with the collar, which was so much fun!


So much has changed with my family.  I like where we are now, even though it has been really challenging getting here. Not a smooth ride and I wouldn’t change it.  Even though there were tears and heart ache and pure hell, we would not be the people we are without going through it.   And there is always room for improvement!   This seems to be a repeating theme that comes back in different eras of life.   It has really been important to remain teachable.

Halloween is on a Monday, can’t wait to see the little trick or treaters come to the door! I’m always grateful and appreciate the good stuff!



Halloween when you are not a kid anymore

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