What the Lululemon girls say

This week I played in a league doubles tennis match against some ladies from Katy.  These girls were very fit and had on Lululemon skirts.  Each lady wore a complementary color to the other so it wasn’t matchy match.  Anyway their appearance was a bit intimidating, but you can never judge a book by its cover!  One of the ladies was from Canada, (Lululemon happens to be an athletic store based out of Canada, and in my opinion is pricey).   We lost in a third set tie break, but I was pretty happy we gave them some competition.   Tennis ladies come from all different places, sometimes we play yuppie types from clubs and sometimes we play people from regular community centers.  One of the ladies at this match was talking about a restaurant in downtown Houston called Ruggles Black.  I was intrigued with talk of chicken enchiladas and coffee served with a chocolate spoon and a macaroon.  They said the food was is mostly healthy.   My husband and daughter happened to be downtown, they asked if I would like to come down for dinner.  I thought, perfect timing to try this place.


The food was spectacularly presented.  My husband ordered a crab tower, I ordered the chicken enchiladas (the girl’s recommendation) and my daughter ordered Pho.  What is Paleo?  Well for one, it’s what 80% of the dishes served at this restaurant are.  Paleo is a diet of lean meats, seafood, vegetables, fruits, nuts/seeds and healthy fats.  Foods that are not Paleo are dairy, grains, processed food & sugars, legumes, starches and alcohol.  Supposedly the benefits are reduced allergies, balanced energy and improved sleep patterns (overall healthiness).  I was told the tortillas were made out of almond flour (lower in carbohydrates and starch than regular flour).  They were tasty so I didn’t miss the refined flour.

My daughter wanted a bite of my mashed potatoes, and said oh! That is smashed cauliflower.   Needless to say my husband said that he only went there for me.  And the food was way too expensive.  On a scale of 1-4 dollar signs it got 2 which Yelp says is between $11-30 a person.  To me I would rate it 4 dollar signs, just because I thought it was really expensive.  We did order 2 – $10 deserts and a drink so maybe that’s what made me think it was so much more expensive.  Still, eating out IS expensive!  I think it was worth it to save up for this experience by eating pretty much peanut butter and banana sandwiches for the week.   The experience was nice. I would have no problem eating food the Paleo way…tasty!  It sucks that healthy food is more expensive.   Back in suburbia, most of the time I think it’s more fun to try new recipes off of Pinterest rather than going out.  To keep costs down it helps to cut down the recipe so that you don’t make so much if you are not going to eat all of it.

What the Lululemon girls say

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